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Building a Better Summit Cheeseburger

Let’s go straight to the point – we are upgrading our site by moving to It’s not that we’re unhappy with the existing site, but the cause has outgrown it. The new site has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to find summit and hiker information, to post cheeseburger summit conquests, and to provide instant updates of lists, maps, and charts. We are in the process of transferring all posts from this, the old site to the new, improved site – please be patient with the slow, methodical progress this effort requires. Remember, this upgrade is about the future – a future of tasty, nutritious cheeseburgers and challenging summits. This new site is designed to inspire even more amazing feats of cheeseburger summiteering.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will need to Register on the new site

If you had access to the old site, it’s been discontinued and you’ll have to re-register on the new site at It’s easy to do. If you didn’t have, or need, access to the old site, please sign in to the new site – you will need this access! Only registered hikers/users will receive credit for cheeseburger summits and only summits conquered by registers hikers/users will be counted towards our goal. In addition, registered users can submit posts directly to the site and are provided with features that are not available to anonymous visitors.

  • You will now have access to a much Larger Summit Database

The new summit database is prepopulated with nearly 500,000 named summits from around the world, so there won’t be a shortage of new summits to scale anytime soon. You’ll be able to browse by continent, country, state, or county and search for your summit of interest. Embedded terrain maps are provided for all peaks and tools are provided that allow you to identify nearby summits. If you find that a particular peak is not available in the database, there’s a way to submit it to the Summit Cheeseburger staff of cartographers.

  • Vastly Improved Posting

What could be more prestigious than receiving credit for a cheeseburger summit? How about authoring a post? The process for submitting posts has been redesigned to seamlessly, and instantly, update the lists of completed summits and hiker “standings.” Part of the Summit Cheeseburger challenge is submitting the post – a duty – to amuse and educate the reading public. From now on, we’re asking for a separate post for each summit, even if multiple peaks were scaled on a single hike. This will support our ability to update the complete summit and hiker lists. There are instructions on the site to guide you through this process. Once you’ve saved your post, the Summit Cheeseburger database is instantly updated and your contribution will be recognized as part of the collective progress toward consuming a CHEESEBURGER ON EVERY SUMMIT ON EARTH!

  • Still Some Construction

The new Summit Cheeseburger site is up and running but a few links may be missing and some features have not yet been released so please “pardon the dust”. And as mentioned before, the old posts from this site have not all been moved over, but this will happen over the coming months. Unfortunately, your witty comments of the past four years will be left behind. If you notice any problems please let us know at Comments and suggestions are also welcome, but please realize that the number of unfinished tasks is still large, so your request will probably be joining a rather long list.

  • Enjoy Cheeseburgers

Sure, waste some quality time looking through the new site, but mostly we hope that the new encourages you to get out into the hills with a cheeseburger in hand.


March 7, 2010 at 11:44 am 2 comments

Warner Mountain, MA.

Warner Mtn, Great Barrington Mass. Cheeseburger consumed. 1 nasty Cumberland Farms Cheese Burger

There’s an easy way and a hard (er) way to do most things. Warner Mountain just outside great Barrington MA could be a lay-up during ski season… as it is home to Ski Butternut. Grab a cheeseburger in the base lodge when the lifts are running and you could be dining in style at the summit 10 minutes later. That would be the easy way.

Of course why make it easy? Mid morning in Great Barrington is NOT a great time to try and find a cheeseburger on a Sunday. When all else fails out east you can hit a Cumberland Farms convenience store, they are just slightly less common than Dunkin Donuts. Cumby came through with one of their pre-cooked, microwaveable, cheeseburgers. $3.19 with have a half life of 5000 years. So once the deal had been done we set out to conquer our first cheese burger summit. Fellow summiteer Jeremiah wisely volunteered to man the camera after taking one look at the Cumby cheeseburger. Following ski trails and a counter clockwise circular route wound our way to the top in roughly one hour. Fall foliage was just a few days short of peak making great viewing and scattered clouds kept things cool.

Upon reaching the summit unwrapped the cheese burger and said grace. Not because of any deep religious beliefs. But after looking at the cheeseburger it seemed like a good idea.

As we plan future summits more time will be spent with the strategy of securing cheeseburgers before hand. And you can bet there will be more cheeseburger summits in the future!

Matt – Fairfield, CT

October 16, 2009 at 7:05 am Leave a comment

A Visit to Utah…and Bald Mountain

A quick summit cheesburger at Bald Mountain in the Uintas while visiting Utah. This is an uncomplicated and pleasant hike to the summit. Park the car, follow the well defined trail. GPS had the distance at 1.56 miles, elevation at summit at 11739 ft.

Summit Shot

Two adult mountain goats were observed carefully crossing the trail after I had passed by. Photos show some of the many beautiful lakes in the area while looking back at the road and the summit of Reids Peak, tantalizing close as I had an extra cheeseburger, but no obvious approach from this angle.

View Towards Murdoch

Bald Mountain, Uintahs, Utah

August 19, 2009 at 8:56 am 1 comment

Vaaldersberg – The Roof of the Netherlands

Fresh off a successful Summit Cheeseburger ascent in France we planned our next expedition. Not far from our base camp in Moenchengladbach, Germany we located the high point of the Netherlands – Vaalserberg. Located precisely where three international boundries (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands) intersect, at a massive 322 meters it looms over the surrounding countryside.

In classic Griswold fashion we drove through a pedestrian-only zone to find a parking spot (a few days later we visited a relative we had never met before).  Our hike began in Belgium, and we stopped to pick up Cheeseburgers (how handy!) and delicious Belgian pommes frites. From there the group hiked over the international border to the Netherlands.

An International Hike

The high point of the Netherlands is clearly marked. In the background you can see the base of an observation tower. That’s in Belgium. And those trees to the left – they’re in Germany.

Vaalserberg Summit Marker

A closer look at the marker provides important summit information and PROOF that we’re at the high point (Hoogste Punt) of the Netherlands.

Highest Point in the Netherlands

Now, about these burgers we bought in Belgium. They look like burgers but were slathered with a curried ketchup. That didn’t go over well with members of this summit team and in the end only 5/8 could finish their burgers.  Well, it doesn’t count if you don’t finish the whole burger on the summit, so too bad!

Belgian Burgers

Vaalserberg, Netherlands – sirloinofbeef, MadeMarion, Patti, Hon, BarBarJinks

July 1, 2009 at 8:45 am 1 comment

Mount Utsayantha, NY

My mom and I hiked up Mount Utsayantha in Stamford NY and both enjoyed our cheeseburgers while overlooking the village of Stamford from 3200 feet up. A favorite spot for hang gliders, Utsayantha is a mountain of legend. Some background can be found here:

Link to the Catskill Hiker page for Utsayantha:

Awesome idea guys!!! This makes our hiking even more fun! Can’t wait to bag another peak…Cheeseburger in hand for the good of Summit Cheeseburger!! Even better is we can work off our cheeseburgers on the way down 🙂

DSC00324 DSC02767

June 25, 2009 at 7:51 am 3 comments

Back and Peak Bagging with a Vengeance

Now that school is out and I no longer have a coach planning my every move, it was great to get back to the White Mountains today. I fearlessly grabbed three burgers which were improvised last minute and headed up NH 116 to the Mt. Kinsman Trail. Now, an advisory to anyone else who might want to hike there this summer, the trailhead has moved south, so, if you are heading north on 116 you will pass a lot of open pasture on your left, then there will be a big red barn (with no red house attached) also on your left. About the time you see this, a poorly maintained driveway leads off to the right, and that is where the trailhead is. If you get to the tennis camp, you’ve gone to far, but only by one driveway.

I took my burgers and first headed up to Bald Peak, off on a spur path, to eat. The views were lovely, and it was a nice diversion, though to this point the trail had followed an old logging road most of the way.


Alas, steepness ensued, the Kinsman Ridge Trail was reached, and it was time to hit the Kinsmans themselves. Not being hungry, I gave the North Peak a pass at first, carrying on to South Kinsman, nearly a mile further on, where I had my next burger. I backtracked to North Kinsman to finish up my day. There were very few hikers up there; I met a couple of men who were running up the trail, neither of whom appeared to have ever eaten a cheeseburger in their lives.

In short, this is a great hike, and I had a beautiful day in which to do it. The photos are in chronological order.


Flame Broiled

June 23, 2009 at 4:37 am 1 comment

Corcovado Cheeseburger

At 0730 on a Saturday morning, how does the conceirge of a 5-star hotel in Rio De Janeiro respond to the statement, “I am on a quest, I must eat a cheesburger on the summit of Corcovado” As it turns out the same way he responds to any request, at any time, “Of course sir, it is no problem.” In very little time I have a cheeseburger and am on my way to Corcovado to take in the views, see the Christ the Redeemer statue and consume said cheeseburger. Summit hike was several flights of stairs from where the approach vehicle parked. Ascent and descent were made without incident. Cheeseburger was OK, views were excellent. The statue is more impressive than it looks on TV or in photos. I recommend this summit.

Brazilian Burger Brazilian Money Shot

May 16, 2009 approximately 1030hrs
Corcovado Hill, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

June 4, 2009 at 7:26 am 3 comments

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