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Mt Blackmore, Gallatin County, Montana

Bootpacking to the summit

A gorgeous day in Bozeman, Montana during a period in which the avalanche report reads like this…

“The snow keeps piling up in the northern ranges and… In the past 48 hours 7 inches of new snow has fallen… This gradual process of adding a few inches here and a few inches there is exactly the kind of loading the snowpack enjoys.

…calls for a gathering of friends to grab their skis and splitboards to enjoy the freedom of the hills. For a select few it also calls for us to throw a couple cheeseburgers into our food sacks for consumption atop our destination peak.

Mike and Sam - Summit Cheeseburger, Mt Blackmore

Cheeseburger consumers this time around were samh and wotboy (known in other posts as MikeMike). Dr. Liz, Roderigo, and Melanie were also along for the skiing but did not have cheeseburgers in hand on this go – perhaps next time though!

Mike and Sam - Summit Cheeseburger, Mt Blackmore


Length: 9.2 miles

Vertical ascent: 4626 ft

Vertical descent: 4623 ft

More Info
For the full photo set, see:

Mt. Blackmore – Backcountry Splitboarding/Skiing on Flickr.

For GPS track and map view, see:

Mt Blackmore, Bozeman, MT – Backcountry Skiing on EveryTrail.


February 14, 2010 at 10:31 pm 2 comments

Ross Peak, Gallatin County, Montana

Our group
Preparing for the climb

Dr. Liz was to have a birthday and on that birthday she wanted to bag a peak that had bested her multiple times previous. Samh heard her call and along with Dr. Liz’s man – singletrackm1nd and WOTboy a plan was decided. Load mountain bikes into Dr. Liz’s rig, drive to the Brackett Creek trailhead, ride to the pass, lock up the bicycles, climb Ross Peak, consume cheeseburgers, descend, and cycle back to the trailhead.

Gary Fisher Aquila and Ross Peak
Ross Peak

The crew made great time cycling through the intense heat of the afternoon and climbing into what appeared to be an oncoming thunderstorm. Atop the summit the storm abated, missing the content climbers as they signed the summit register, ate cheeseburgers, and chatted about the excellent quality of the class III and IV route they’d just conquered.

Mike, Liz, Casey, and Sam
WOTboy, Dr. Liz, singletrackm1nd, and samh atop Ross Peak

August 3, 2009 at 1:42 pm 2 comments

Sphinx Mountain, Madison County, Montana

Summit Cheeseburger atop The Sphinx
Cheeseburger atop Sphinx Mountain

WOTboy and samh got after it this weekend, accomplishing two cheeseburger summits in two different mountain ranges. First, the trip report from Sphinx Mountain in Madison County, Montana.

Friday Night: Leave Bozeman, arrive at Bear Cr. trailhead, hike an hour and a half to the Helmet/Sphinx saddle, make camp.

Saturday Morning: Awake, make coffee and granola, shoulder daypack, climb class II and III for two hours, attain summit of Sphinx Mountain, and consume cheeseburgers.

Saturday Afternoon: Descend, hike out, attend BBQ with friends in Bozeman and make plans to summit Ross Peak the following day.

Sunday Morning: Ross Peak Summit Cheeseburger Trip report to follow.

The Madison Range
Sphinx Mountain as seen from the Madison River Valley

August 3, 2009 at 1:29 pm 2 comments

Mount Ellis, Gallatin County, Montana

Mt Ellis Summit Cheeseburger photo

Sam, Mike, and Maya dog atop Mt Ellis, Gallatin County, Montana – July 16th, 2009

Sam finished his work at 15:00, got home, met Mike and Maya dog, they grabbed their packs and the eleven essentials (that’s the ten essentials plus cheeseburgers) and hit the road for the 20 minute drive to the Bear Canyon trailhead.

Mount Ellis summit loop

The route is a nice loop. Good trail in a loop travels out to the base of Mt Ellis where we departed for the summit ridge and summit proper.

Mt Ellis survey marker

Two and a half hours and over 3,000 feet of vert. later the summit provided grandiose views of the surrounding Gallatin, Bridger, Madison, and Absaroka mountain ranges. A haze in the sky thwarted views of the Crazy, Beartooth, and Tobacco Root ranges.

Mt Ellis summit view

The camera was placed, cheeseburgers distributed, and the nomming of White Castle sliders begun.

Maya nomming some White Castle

We enjoyed the summit for ten or twenty minutes then descended back to the loop trail for the return trip to the trailhead. The complete photo set of this Summit Cheeseburger expedition can be found on my Flickr page.

July 17, 2009 at 4:22 pm 2 comments

Drinking Horse Mountain, Gallatin County, Montana

Drinking Horse Mountain - View from the CarFirst I drove from my house in Bozeman, Montana to the Drinking Horse Mountain trailhead. It is located on Bridger Canyon road.
Drinking Horse Mountain - View from the roadOn the way to the trailhead I took some pictures of Drinking Horse Mountain. It is about 629 feet tall.
Drinking Horse Mountain - 93 Subaru Legacy at trailheadI parked my 1993 Subaru Legacy in the roadside parking lot. As you can see, my car is almost as tall as the mountain.
Drinking Horse Mountain - Info KioskLike any good city trail there is a nice informational kiosk with a map and some little handouts. I stopped and took a picture for you to see.
Drinking Horse Mountain - Sam Self Portrait atop SummitSuddenly I was at the top of Drinking Horse Mountain consuming a double cheeseburger. I kept the cheeseburger wrapped in a knitted hat inside a stuff sack while I hiked. It was warm and delicious.
Drinking Horse Mountain - A rudimentary shelterNear the summit of Drinking Horse Mountain someone has constructed a nifty fort out of dead tree branches. It was neat.
Drinking Horse Mountain - View of BozemanThe proper summit of Drinking Horse Mountain doesn’t provide too amazing of views, but slightly to the North a quality view of Bozeman is there for all to see.
I made a thirty-five second video of the hike to the summit.

April 13, 2009 at 9:37 am 1 comment

Bissel’s Mound – Washington County, MN

“Are you in?” Sam inquired after a long silent stare at his comrades.

“In on what?” Matt and Jon asked with a puzzled look on their faces.

“Yes or no?” Sam stated with a simple insistence.

“You still haven’t told us…”

“The details are unimportant. There is only one certainty – – we will need to get cheeseburgers.”

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