Those of us in the Summit Cheeseburger Contest take the contest rules seriously. Of course, we got to make them up. Here they are – no cheating!

Contest Rules

  1. You must obey the rules.
  2. The Cheeseburger must be consumed on the summit of a named peak (i.e. the peak is named on a commercial map)
  3. You must eat the entire Cheeseburger while on the summit.
  4. At a minimum, a Cheeseburger shall consist of a patty, cheese, and a bun.
  5. Gardenburgers (or any kind of veggie burger) do not count.  The Patty must be of Mammalian origin.  A patty originating from a Bird or Fish will be considered if there is documented proof that the specific species in question has killed a human being (i.e. a patty consisting of Great White Shark Meat).  For a submission to be considered for posting, proof of predation upon humans must accompany the submission.
  6. Cheese substitutes do not count.  The cheese must be Mammalian in origin.  Cheese is a solid food made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep and other mammals.
  7. You can only count one Cheeseburger for each peak (i.e. you cannot count the same peak twice).

Rules of Professional Conduct

Article IV.5 of the By-laws of the Summit Cheeseburger Rules Commitee (SCRC) allow for disciplinary actions by the SCRC including denial and revocation of Certificates. Articles IV.5.a through IV.5.c state reasons for such action as follows:

IV.5.a An intentional misstatement or misrepresentation, or concealment or omission, of Summit Cheeseburger consumption.

IV.5.b Issuance of a Summit Cheeseburger Certificate or Golden, Silver or Bronze Summit Cheeseburger Spatula contary to the contest rules at the time of issuance.

IV.5.c Conviction of a Summit Cheeseburger Summitee for violation of international laws pertaining to consumption of vegetarian, avian or fish based Cheeseburgers.

All complaints concerning the professional conduct of a Summit Cheeseburger Summitee or SCRC member, must be submitted in writing to the Summit Cheeseburger email at:

The letter must state the Summit Cheeseburger Rule of Professional Conduct that has been violated and must clearly state how it was violated. All submissions will be held in the strictest confidence, unless the submission is deemed entertaining enough for posting to the Summit Cheeseburger Website


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    […] at the McDonalds just of I-80 near the factory stores.  After a quick consultation regarding the Cheeseburger Summit Rules, we made our choices and continued towards the Uintahs.  While Bald Mountain has been brought into […]


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