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Building a Better Summit Cheeseburger

Let’s go straight to the point – we are upgrading our site by moving to It’s not that we’re unhappy with the existing site, but the cause has outgrown it. The new site has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to find summit and hiker information, to post cheeseburger summit conquests, and to provide instant updates of lists, maps, and charts. We are in the process of transferring all posts from this, the old site to the new, improved site – please be patient with the slow, methodical progress this effort requires. Remember, this upgrade is about the future – a future of tasty, nutritious cheeseburgers and challenging summits. This new site is designed to inspire even more amazing feats of cheeseburger summiteering.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will need to Register on the new site

If you had access to the old site, it’s been discontinued and you’ll have to re-register on the new site at It’s easy to do. If you didn’t have, or need, access to the old site, please sign in to the new site – you will need this access! Only registered hikers/users will receive credit for cheeseburger summits and only summits conquered by registers hikers/users will be counted towards our goal. In addition, registered users can submit posts directly to the site and are provided with features that are not available to anonymous visitors.

  • You will now have access to a much Larger Summit Database

The new summit database is prepopulated with nearly 500,000 named summits from around the world, so there won’t be a shortage of new summits to scale anytime soon. You’ll be able to browse by continent, country, state, or county and search for your summit of interest. Embedded terrain maps are provided for all peaks and tools are provided that allow you to identify nearby summits. If you find that a particular peak is not available in the database, there’s a way to submit it to the Summit Cheeseburger staff of cartographers.

  • Vastly Improved Posting

What could be more prestigious than receiving credit for a cheeseburger summit? How about authoring a post? The process for submitting posts has been redesigned to seamlessly, and instantly, update the lists of completed summits and hiker “standings.” Part of the Summit Cheeseburger challenge is submitting the post – a duty – to amuse and educate the reading public. From now on, we’re asking for a separate post for each summit, even if multiple peaks were scaled on a single hike. This will support our ability to update the complete summit and hiker lists. There are instructions on the site to guide you through this process. Once you’ve saved your post, the Summit Cheeseburger database is instantly updated and your contribution will be recognized as part of the collective progress toward consuming a CHEESEBURGER ON EVERY SUMMIT ON EARTH!

  • Still Some Construction

The new Summit Cheeseburger site is up and running but a few links may be missing and some features have not yet been released so please “pardon the dust”. And as mentioned before, the old posts from this site have not all been moved over, but this will happen over the coming months. Unfortunately, your witty comments of the past four years will be left behind. If you notice any problems please let us know at Comments and suggestions are also welcome, but please realize that the number of unfinished tasks is still large, so your request will probably be joining a rather long list.

  • Enjoy Cheeseburgers

Sure, waste some quality time looking through the new site, but mostly we hope that the new encourages you to get out into the hills with a cheeseburger in hand.


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