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A tough job….but somebody has to do it

Because the mission is to consume a Cheeseburger on EVERY summit on Earth, OldBull accepted the challenge of Vine Hill, 344′, Sonoma County, CA, USA.  Perhaps the most difficult challenge was choosing the burger.  The Bear Flag Republic Brewery in Healdsburg has a full menu of homecrafted brews and CHEESEBURGERS.  To celebrate the local heritage, a “Sonoma Burger” was chosen–beef and bacon, draped in Garlic (inferior in quality to KGB, but garlic, nonetheless) Sonoma Jack Cheese. A short drive later, website-map firmly implanted in his 2 remaining neurons, OldBull found Vine Hill Road, located both the vines and the hill, spent copious minutes decoding the instructions on a camera loaned by Cold Fusion,  Money Shot on the roof of the rentacar, a few steps to the chain-link fence to ascertain he was at least within 6 (verticle) inches of the “summit,” and devoured a wonderful lunch on the 109th (out of 114) highest peak in Sonoma County.

September 25, 2009

Vine Hill

Old Bull


September 28, 2009 at 9:39 pm 3 comments

Steep Scramble to a Rocky Summit

Catamount Mountain stands alone north of Whiteface Mountain and the Wilmington Range, and at 3173 feet, it’s a most impressive view from the road approaching the trailhead. The trail starts out flat, and then climbs from right to left in the picture below, crossing the two smaller bumps before the steep climb to the open summit.


Getting over the first bump was no worse than any other Adirondack hike, but getting to the second bump was a little more of a challenge. The first of two “lemon squeezers” got us close, and then there were several more steep pitches before this minor summit.


From this intermediate summit, the actual summit still towered several hundred feet above us with its steep rocky slabs.


Reaching the real summit, we looked back down to see other hikers coming up over the bump we had just climbed.


The view to the north included many other mountains and lakes, in a distant area of the Adirondacks that we rarely visit.


After the ceremonial cheeseburger, the trip back down was almost as slow as the trip up, as we were being very cautious descending the steep rocks. This was really a mountain to remember.


September 25, 2009 at 10:33 pm 3 comments

Two Glorious Fall Adirondack Summits

Today, from Lake Placid we headed north and west into the Santa Clara Tract, a large area of state land recently purchased from a large lumber company. There is still some working commercial forest in the area, where conservation easements allow recreational access to its many ponds and remote summits.

Azure Mountain

Azure Mountain has one of the relatively few remaining fire towers in the Adirondacks. It’s maintained, and staffed during the summer months, by Azure Mountain Friends, a local volunteer group, in concert with NYSDEC. From the tower, there are 360-degree views, but the views from a south-facing ledge seemed even more impressive and close-up. The fall colors were magnificent, and we hated to leave.




The Pinnacle

This small peak lies a little north of Azure, with a short walk of only about a half-mile to its summit. The views were not quite as expansive as from Azure, but they were a great reward for very little effort.



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Back in the Saddle

It’s been a full year since Cold Fusion, Chases Rabbits, and OldBull dined together on a summit. A beautiful fall day, September 16, 2009, drew them to the REAL Photographer’s Point (first conquered by SirLoin and F-Elvis in ’06), in the Wind River Range. Chipmunks galore to keep Chases Rabbits occupied at the slow pace, and a display of changing aspen to distract the other two. A small lunch of nanoscale “Lamburghinis” (feta-infused, KGB garlic basted–s.o.s.) and spectacular views in all directions were the reward.

September 24, 2009 at 9:35 pm 4 comments

Bryant MTn and Kittridge Hill, NH Sept. 22, 2009

IMG_1555Groovy Mom and Boy go hiking in Pilsbury State Park.  I was not nearly as prepared for this hike as Groovy Dad had prepared for the hike this weekend and after closely consulting the rules, selections were made at the nearby McDonalds and we were on our way.  


GroovyBoy soon fell asleep and did not partake of the lovely sandwiches (note the addition to the cairn) on the summit of Kittridge Hill, but was awake by the time I got to Bryant Mountain but choose the cinammon twist for his midmorning snack.  While there were lots of clouds, there was no rain for this nice 5.5 mile loop.  I ate more calories than I burned, having to eat 2 sandwiches – I am off to the market to get supplies to make more mini-cheeseburgers.

September 22, 2009 at 2:35 pm 3 comments

Another Bald Mtn., NH, Franconia Notch Sept. 19th 2009

Ahh… the ever growing challenge of the coming up with a cheeseburger on an
early Sunday morning before making a summit cheese bid.  First, need a bun.
Ahh yes, we have one bun left in the fridge, if I cut it in quarters I have
the makings for 4 slider sized burgers.  Meat, lucky me! There squirreled away
in our freezer is one lovely Costco 1/3lb patty without any freezer burn.
Hmmm, there sitting quietly beside the patty is the bacon from the
organically raised free range porker we purchased.  Wait wait.yes there is
some breakfast sausage from the same free range porker.  I have a vision,
slowly intertwined pork and beef gently caressing each other as the heat
raises and the bacon starts to pop.   Oh yeah, fried in bacon grease these
lovely pork infused beef patties could raise the dead or challenge the
tastiness of a Billy Burger from Jackson Wy.  Now, with the much anticipated
the assembly of the still warm patty with fresh beacon and cheddar cheese,
the peak could not be closer.  They are as beautiful as a sunrise and smell
better than the climber hut on the lower saddle of the Grand Teton..much
better.  And we are off..  The “Groovies” bagged the summit without
incident, but with a few rock climbing moves by G.G.  IMG_1536

We decided to make a loop of the hike and stopped by Artist Point on the way down.  All in all 1.5 miles of hiking followed by 12 miles of biking with G.G. on her new tag-along and G.B. in the trailer.  


It was the most gorgeous day of the summer and the last weekend
of the summer.  It is the family answer to KrustyBun’s idea for biking/hiking in the White Mountains.

September 21, 2009 at 11:21 am 3 comments

Bald Mountain

On Auguest 5th, 2009 BirdDog and I decided to tackle Bald Mountain in the Uintahs as a warm up for our upcoming trip to Wyoming and the Grand Teton.  BirdDog had flown in from the east coast and sea level and was looking for a nice hike to get some altitude. 

Due to our early start, we had to order off of the breakfast menu at the McDonalds just of I-80 near the factory stores.  After a quick consultation regarding the Cheeseburger Summit Rules, we made our choices and continued towards the Uintahs.  While Bald Mountain has been brought into the Cheeseburger Summit fold previously, it is a great hike and well worth the trip from Salt Lake City.  We had brought along FartingWonder, but had neglected to bring her a Cheeseburger as she has been having some food allergy issues.    The trip to the summit was uneventful with beautiful skies and plenty of fellow hikers.  From the the top, we were rewarded with tremendous views in all directions.  BirdDog quickly downed his Cheeseburger and thus gained entry into the elite club of Cheeseburger Summiteers!  Congratulations.


September 21, 2009 at 10:40 am 2 comments

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