The low point(s) of Nebraska

August 15, 2009 at 10:06 pm 2 comments

“You WHAT?!?!? People there have guns and they love to use them, particularly on people with thick Canadian accents like you!” – reaction from my friend in Iowa after we recounted the day’s adventure to him. Here’s the story:

Having just consumed a cheeseburger on Nebraska’s highest peak on Thursday, you would think that my legs might  be too tired to do another big hike the next day, but truth be told, I didn’t even have to get out of the car at the highest peak.

Eating a cheeseburger on Nebraska’s lowest peak would not be so easy.

Denise and I continued our road trip back east, blowing past every attraction the interstate billboards tried to lure us into, with the exception of an original Pony Express building… and in hindsight I wish I’d blown past that as well. But we had one more destination in mind for Nebraska… King Hill, the lowest of Nebraska’s named summits.

With the coordinates loaded in the GPS, we headed east towards the Missouri River. We neglected to pick up cheeseburgers in Lincoln, assuming (falsely) that any of the small towns along the road after Lincoln would be able to supply us with cheeseburgers. So we continued right past our destination to the larger town of Plattsmouth to procure our dinner. Despite the “Open” sign not being lit, Mom’s Cafe called out for me to enter, so we did, and we were greeted like locals… “what c’n I git you kids?” “Two cheeseburgers to go please.” “You wanna take ’em with you?” “Yes ma’am.” “You gonna go sit by the river and eat them?” “Actually, we’re going to go sit on a hill and eat them.” “Which hill?” “I believe it’s called King Hill, though I’m not exactly sure where it is yet.” … at this point our lovely hostess started asking everyone in the cafe if they new where King Hill was, and nobody did… she was a bit concerned for us. She talked us into the bacon cheeseburgers and we shared a piece of chocolate creme pie while we waited for the burgers. I think I made a new friend!


Bacon cheeseburgers in hand, we headed back towards Murray NE in search of King Hill. Queen Hill Road was supposed to take us within a few hundred yards of King Hill (interestingly I can’t find a Queen Hill on the list of NE summits), but contrary to what Google Maps thinks, a large section of Queen Hill Rd is closed and completely overgrown, so we set off on foot for a half mile trek along the “road”, through some trees to a field, under some barbed wire, past a bunch of cow patties, and up to the top of King Hill. The view was… well, underwhelming I guess, after all, every other summit in Nebraska is higher than this one! The bacon cheeseburgers were even worse… no amount of ketchup was going to add enough moisture to the meat to make it pallatable, but we suffered on and eventually completed the mission, recording the Nebraska’s second summit cheeseburger and completing both the highest and lowest summits in the state!

— Krusty Bunz and Denise

Entry filed under: Nebraska Summits.

Lofty Ambitions on Lofty Peak Timm’s Hill, Wisconsin … The state’s highest peak just happened to be along my route

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