Sharpening Our Hiking Skills on Pencil Point

November 18, 2008 at 4:36 pm Leave a comment

Saturday morning we decided to get the lead out and climb Pencil Point. If you look on a map its summit is less than a mile from the road. But fryingelvis had a plan. “Why don’t we traverse around Carrigan Canyon and make this a real hike?” he suggested. “OK,” we said, “let’s do that.”

A Reasonable Approach:

I haven’t checked it out but one of the short side streets heading east from either Lakeline or Promontory Drive should give you a parking spot with good access to Pencil Point. Simply follow the ridge up to the point that is shaped like a sharpened pencil – that’s Pencil Point. The ascent to the summit will be fairly steep but the hike is less than a mile.

Our Approach:

At 6:00 in the morning we parked at the end of Lakeline Dr. Joining us on this hike was DrPhilFlash, a newcomer to Summit Cheeseburger, but an old hand at photography. His photographs document this trip. From the trailhead we followed a faint path headed northeast, staying clear of the gated community in Carrigan Canyon. Eventually we ran out of trail and so headed up, up, up to the ridge north of us. We followed the ridge to Jack’s Mountain. We briefly contemplated eating Cheeseburgers on this summit but decided we’d finish what we started.

Jack's Mountain Summit

Up until now we had been hiking AWAY from Pencil Point. Now things got interesting. For the next mile we waded through dense scrub oak. Boy was I glad I wore shorts! With no trail in site, DrPhilFlash suggested we ascend the Carrigan Canyon Couloir, which was only slightly less choked with scrub oak. After a monumental effort we attained the ridge and proceeded DOWN to Pencil Point.

The Ridge to Pencil Point

I’ll concede that it does look like a Pencil Point. The three of us enjoyed a Cheeseburger on the summit, and we were joined by Ron Burgundy’s Dog Baxter – who wanted seconds. If you’ve read this far you’re probably as impressed as me with flyingpelvis’s route-finding acumen. I don’t believe we were on trail for more than 10% of this hike and in the end, took three and a half hours to complete what could have been a one or two mile hike. Good work! Maybe I’ll bring along a map next time – nah.

Morning Junipers

Congratulations to the newest Cheeseburger Summiteer, DrPhilFlash.

Pencil Point, UT – fryingpelvis, DrPhilFlash, sirloinofbeef


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