Mountain Bike Ultimate… Whatchoo Talkin’ About Willis?!?

October 26, 2008 at 4:59 pm 2 comments

I usually reserve Sunday afternoons in the autumn for Mountain Bike Ultimate. For what you ask?!?! Mountain Bike Ultimate (MBU) … it’s as simple as it sounds… Ultimate Frisbee played on Mountain Bikes. Check it out:

Games are typically 3-on-3, and there are a bunch of rules designed to keep people and bikes safe from harm. The object of the game is to pass the disc through a goal (marked by two cones) and have it caught by your team mate on the other side. There are many similarities to Ultimate Frisbee… some of the rules that make it interesting and challenging are:

  • Whereas in Ultimate Frisbee you can’t run with the disc, in MBU you can’t peddle with the disc, nor can your feet touch the ground when you have the disc.
  • In Ultimate, a person with the disc has 10 seconds to pass it. In MBU, a person can hold the disc before passing it for as long as their momentum will allow them to coast before they have to peddle or put their feet down (both of which would result in a turnover if the player did not throw the disc first).
  • If a player misses a pass, it’s a turnover and the other team gets to pick the disc off the ground to take possession. However, keep in mind that a player can not have their feet on the ground with the disc, nor can they be peddling with the disc, so that means that a player must “scoop” the disc from the ground while coasting on their bike, and then continue coasting until they have completed a pass. Try it! It only takes a few tries to figure that move out! (Assuming you can ride a mountain bike.)
  • It’s a non-contact sport… same as Ultimate. That goes for personal contact and bike contact, although just like ultimate, there is always some “incidental” contact.
  • Unlike Ultimate, the game is played with one end-zone and a clear line… if there is a goal or a turnover, the team that gets possession (or still has it in the case of a goal) must clear the disc before attempting to score (more like half-court basketball than Ultimate).

More info can be found here, at the sport’s lame web site.

So why am I telling you this? Because after today’s game I drove around the corner and up the hill and had a cheeseburger for dinner at the top of Willis Hill! Yum!

Krusty Bunz

Entry filed under: Massachusetts Summits.

Greyrock Mountain, CO (6/21/08) A Summit by Railroad – Mt. Washington, NH

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  • 1. sirloinofbeef  |  October 27, 2008 at 9:08 am

    Who made this sport up? I remember, years ago, seeing a soccer game played with cars (VW Bugs) and a giant ball.

    Looks like a tough peak.


  • 2. krustybunz  |  October 27, 2008 at 9:13 am

    Fortunately I had a 4WD Jeep to get me to the top of the access road, which would have been impassable for any mere sedan (or VW Bug). Plus I decided to take a page from sirloinofbeef’s play book and stay in the Jeep to eat the cheeseburger.


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