Greyrock Mountain, CO (6/21/08)

October 25, 2008 at 10:08 pm 1 comment

Note from Krusty Bunz: Unorthodox Brew finally remembered to pack a cheeseburger for one of her hikes, although it took her a couple of months to send in the details. Then it took me a couple of more months to publish it (I just found this in my drafts and realized it wasn’t published, sorry!), but here’s what she had to say about that hike:

summit:7550′ (or 7448′, depending on what source you want to believe)

when:june 21

who:unorthodox brew, John, and dogs Logan and Jazmine:
Note that John is not in the picture. Sure, he’s behind the camera taking the photo, but what I really mean is… he’s no longer in the picture. Follow? That’s why I was reluctant to dig up memories of this trip to submit this posting. But Jazmine is there, because after all she was the only other one to have a cheeseburger on Greyrock on this day… John was going to join the Cheeseburger Summit but Jazmine ate his entire cheeseburger! Apparently she knew the rules and realized that neither one of them would qualify if John just gave Jazmine a bite of his, so she scarfed the whole thing out of his hand! (Good girl!)

length of trail (one way): Meadow Loop – 4.47 mi (7.2 km), Summit Loop – 3.16 mi (5.1 km)

Key details: We took the summit trail up and the meadow trail back down. Views are much better from the meadow trail…
… and the meadow itself is a great place for a killer game of ultimate. The meadow trail is also more difficult, since you drop lower than the trailhead at the meadow, and so you have further to climb.
The bugs at the summit were ravenous… I fended them off my cheeseburger and ate quickly (it’s possible that I ate bit more protein than I carried up with me), and we got off the summit as fast as we could.

Unorthodox Brew


Entry filed under: Colorado Summits.

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  • 1. summitcheese  |  October 26, 2008 at 6:14 am

    Good girl, Jazmine!



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