Pilot Knob: A Minnesota First

October 10, 2008 at 6:21 pm 2 comments

My Goal: The Summit of Pilot Knob

Inspiration: Sam’s Summit of Electric Peak

As I was browsing my Google Reader I stumbled upon a shared post by one of our MORBID members that now lives in Montana. I thought the concept was awesome, eating a cheeseburger on top of a mountain. But, I lived in MN and we really don’t have much elevation above 2000 feet. I dug around the Summit Cheeseburger site and saw a list of summits, then I saw the link to MN. I thought of Eagle Mountain and started thinking about how I could get up there and get a picture. Then I saw that there were lots of different Counties listed. Hennepin and Dakota both listed 2 summits. I clicked on Hennepin, both were obtainable, though one is kinda a ghetto location. I then clicked Dakota, Buck Hill, the popular ski hill in Burnsville and then I saw it. Pilot Knob.

All I had known about Pilot Knob was that was a road that ran through Eagan. But I learned a lot while researching my summit attempt. Read more about Pilot Knob here. Apparently I have been nearly summiting Pilot Knob for years and had no idea how close I was to this monumental accomplishment. Earlier in the week I ran attempted a summit up the Eastern face on my ride home with out the extra weight of the cheeseburger and to scout the location. As it was right on my ride home, like the summit is about 300 meters off my route, it made for an easy side trip.

My Surly
After scouting the location I found that the Eastern face would be my best bet to summit. I decided I had to do it this week, but when. Tuesday I had the weather against me, downpours and wind, killed that attempt. Wednesday I worked from home since my puppy was getting fixed. Thursday would have to be the day. As I packed up the night before I made sure to have my camera and also to figure out the best location to get a cheeseburger.

Thursday AM I had plans to get breakfast at Seward Cafe with some friends and then head into work. I must say, the French toast is awesome there. The perfect breakfast to attempt a summit of this magnitude. After breakfast I worked my way toward the river, escorted by Scott, and then down the Mississippi River towards Eagan, and Pilot Knob. As I passed near Pilot Knob I knew today was going to be my day. I was at work and showering before I knew it and the day was ticking by. I couldn’t wait to start my ascent of Pilot Knob.

The work day was nearly over and I needed to figure out the best way to transport my cheeseburger. The cafeteria burger would have been good but I really had no way to get it there. So I settled on going to Starks and picking up a burger. By the time I reached Starks on this Thursday night I realized that I was in trouble. I was in my Gore jacket and tights. There had to have been 40 bikes out front and I am talking about the motor kind. Not good for a kitted up commuter to go in and get harassed about. I blew by Starks defeated.

Cheeseburgers Are Born Here.
I hung my head low and slowly paced down Hwy 55 into the wind. I was nearly a mile away from my turn off of Hwy 55 when inspiration struck. Super America. The gas station. They usually have a cheeseburger, and they usually aren’t half bad. I decided to check it out. I went in and saw it. There were 3 left. I grabbed one and paid the $1.89. Back on the bike!

Up to Pilot Knob
The cheeseburger gave me a 2nd wind and I was off. Feeling good about summiting the Knob. And that is what I did. I wound through the rolling foothills of Eagan and Mendota Heights towards my turn. I turned my bike left on Acadia and headed up the slope towards the top. I saw the Cemetery in the distance and knew I was close. I approached my final summit and gunned it. My Surly gave it all it had and we did it! Reaching the top of Pilot Knob with cheeseburger in tow. Only one part left. Eat the cheeseburger.

Om nom nom nom… Okay the cheeseburger wasn’t the tastiest thing I have had but I can’t complain too bad. I was sitting on top of Pilot Knob, a sacred place for the Native Americans in the area, in the middle of Acadia Cemetery, eating a cheeseburger on a beautiful fall day in Minnesota watching the airplanes land at MSP airport across the Minnesota River Valley.

Here are a few more pictures of my summit and ride home. Enjoy.

Summit Cheeseburger Set.

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. krustybunz  |  October 10, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Poor puppy!!!!

    When your puppy makes a full recovery, will *IT* be accompanying you on future summits? There’s a whole page here for K-9 summits as well.


  • 2. samh  |  October 13, 2008 at 10:02 am

    Summit on, Minnesota!


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