Middle Carter, South Carter and Mt. Lethe NH (8/3/2008)

August 11, 2008 at 9:13 pm 3 comments

SamIAm and Hamburgler (who I really think should be renamed “Green Eggs and Sam” because of her lovely green hiking apparel and hiking mate) thought I was trying to kill them. They didn’t actually say that to me … but there was something in the way they wielded the hiking poles that spoke to me…

Anyway… SamIAm lost a bet with me on a football game and made good on his promise to visit the home of the New England Patriots (New England that is, not Gillette Stadium). Part of the deal was that I would take him on a couple of hikes in the White Mountains in New Hampshire… this was the first one…

The Presidential Range are the tallest of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, home of Mt. Washington and the world’s worst recorded weather. The way this summer has been going as far as weather in the northeast is concerned, I decided that a hike with a view of the Presidentials might be better than actually hiking the presidentials. The loop I chose took us up the Nineteen Mile Brook Trail (that’s the length of the brook, not the trail, despite what anyone else might tell you) and Carter Dome Trail to Zeta Pass where we joined up with the Appalachian Trail and headed north to our first summit, South Carter Mtn (4430′). The hike to this point was about 4.4 miles and 2943′ in elevation gain. The early indication that SamIAm was plotting my demise was that I had about 30 minutes of rest waiting at the first trail junction and almost an hour at Zeta Pass, at which point I was informed that we had already done twice the elevation SamIAm would have normally done on a hike. But thanks to some clever planning, SamIAm had the buns to go with the microburgers I prepared the day before, so we had to be at the summit together!

South Carter Mountain

South Carter Mountain

I think I might have left my camping tripod velcroed to a tree at that summit in my rush to rescue my camera from the rain that started falling…

1.3 miles along the Appalachian Trail (a.k.a. the Carter-Moriah Trail on this section) and up another 180′ (450′ from the low point between summits) we reached Middle Carter Mountiain (4610′) for our second summit cheeseburger.

Middle Carter Mountain

Middle Carter Mountain

According to the White Mountain Guide, “the best views in this area are from the ledgy knob called Mt. Lethe” (4584′) … our third summit cheeseburger just a few hundred feet along the trail. For whatever reason, it isn’t listed on the official summits page, but here’s the map we used showing the summit quite clearly exists and is named. The only problem was that on this day, the views were of clouds covering everything around us, and a rain had started falling again , so cameras were left packed and we quickly finished our micro cheeseburgers and moved on.

Descent from the ridgeline took us down the North Carter Trail and the Imp Trail, completing what added up to a nice leisurely 10 mile stroll through the Carter Range of the White Mountains.

Summits: 3

Cheeseburgers: 9

KrustyBunz, SamIAm and Hamburgler (or is that now Green Eggs and Sam?)

Entry filed under: New Hampshire Summits.

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  • 1. krustybunz  |  August 11, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    I expect a nice rebuttal from SamIAm about this hike!

  • 2. flyingelvis  |  August 13, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Let me get this straight, SamIAm bet on the Steelers against the Pats … is he still watching VHS tapes from the 70s? Cause I think that was the last time the Steelers beat the Pats. My god, Bledsoe beat them, multiple times … in the playoffs …. Brady, don’t even get me started, I think he has had more success against the Steerlers than he has had with Gisele Bundchen! Career yards for the Bettis against the Pats was something like 2.3. …..and “Slash” what was that all about … looking for a QB who can score more than 4 points on the Wonderlick test or one knows eonough to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle might be a good thing ….. should I continue? FlyingElvis (take a close look at the Pat’s Logo ….. )

  • 3. GreenEggswithSam  |  August 13, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    All I can say, is don’t trust old KrustyBunz when he says ‘It’s only 500 feet rise in elevation – you’ll be at the summit in no time”. There also was plotting involved – we figured no one would miss one more Canadian. (However, that would involve having to catch him) He was useful in taking a good picture of us at the summit.


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