Cannon Mountain, NH (8/4/2008)

August 11, 2008 at 10:03 pm 3 comments

Day two of hiking in the White Mountains with SamIAm and GreenEggsAndSam (aka Hamburgler)… for today I planned an exceptional hike, one that I had been looking forward to all summer, one that is listed in the 100 Classic Hikes of the Northeast… and one that is strongly discouraged in bad weather by the White Mountain Guide, which is what we encountered on this Monday morning. I’m pretty sure that everyone shared my opinion that it was a real shame that we wouldn’t be hiking 9 miles up 3850′ on the Franconia Ridge, but fortunately I live near enough that I can do it another time and am already planning the trip for later this month with Paris Stilton… weather permitting of course.

Plan B was Cannon Mountain (4100′)… a mere 5.9 miles roundtrip and 2330′ in elevation gain. Ascent was via the Hi-Cannon Trail to the Kinsmen Ridge Trail to the summit. I should mention here that I hiked this trail four years ago on a cool, overcast, and occasionally wet day and had no view from the weather station to the Franconia Ridge on the other side of the valley because of the cloud covering the summit. I was looking forward to revisiting this hike on a nice day. Today was not that day. Today, it was colder, cloudier, windier, and the rain, though intermittent, was harder. The Hi-Cannon Trail is, in a word, steep. To quote the White Mountain Guide: “It is steep near Cliff House, somewhat rough at times, and potentially dangerous if there is ice on the ledges above Cliff House. It passes several fine viewpoints, particularly the ledges overlooking Lonesome Lake.” Well at least there was no ice to worry about. Once again… our views were of clouds… above us, below us, we were surrounded by clouds.

At the summit we feasted on full sized McDonald’s cheeseburgers that I procured the night before, since my remaining cache of microcheeseburgers would not have beeen sufficient to get us through the 3 summits of the Franconia Notch trail that had been my dream for the day. I then showed SamIAm and GreenEggsAndSam the way down the Lonesome Lake Trail to the AMC’s Lonesome Lake Hut and I took off on a high speed descent since my flimsy poncho had been shredded on the way up the narrow trail and I was now completely drenched and getting a bit cold.

While waiting for my guests from Pittsburgh to catch up (or is it catch down when descending?), I had about an hour to dry out at the hut, enjoy some soup and baked goods, and read about how almost every storm that hits the US tracks towards the northeast from either the west or south, which explains why the weather in the White Mountains is notoriously bad, and today was no exception. GreenEggsAndSam was ready for the hike to be over when she reached the hut, but unfortunately we had another 1.6 miles to the end. Fortunately, this was a much easier grade and we had a break from the rain, so the “kill KrustyBunz” cloud that had returned from yesterday dissipated slightly.

My camera stayed hidden away from the rain. I think SamIAm may have taken the obligatory photo, so I’ll add that to this post when I get a copy.

The final verdict I heard from SamIAm on my guiding services was that “the White Mountains kicked my ass”.

…and the Patriots kicked the Pittsburgh Steeler’s ass… 34-13 on 12/9/07… poetic, isn’t it?

1 summit

3 cheeseburgers

KrustyBunz, SamIAm, and Hamburgler (aka GreenEggsAndSam)


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Middle Carter, South Carter and Mt. Lethe NH (8/3/2008) Mt. Katahdin (Baxter Peak), ME (08/08/08)

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  • 1. sirloinofbeef  |  August 13, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    What, bad weather in the White Mountains? Nice job done on SamIAm – but he and the Hamburglar made it. Good job all around.

    I enjoyed the ass-kicking consonance.


  • 2. GreenEggswithSam  |  August 13, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    My comments on day two.
    I just want you to know that we had to climb on rocks all the way up and all the way down in the pouring rain. (As a matter of fact, it rained the whole time we were in New Hampshire)
    Word of caution, in 14 years were calling you (KrustyBunz) to find out if you can still run up the White Mountains.

  • […] planned for when SamIAm and Hamburglar (aka GreenEggsWithSam) were visiting. I kept looking over at Cannon Mountain (where we hiked instead that day) from the Franconia Ridge and saying things like “hmm… that is a pretty steep mountain, […]


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