Soapstone Moutain-9468 feet, July 20, 2008

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On a beautiful Sunday morning Esterlinkage and I loaded Splasher into the car and headed to the Uintahs to meet Pickles, FlyingElvis, Ron Bergundy’s Dog Baxter and the rest of the Burke clan.  The drive up to the Mirror Lake Campground took the usual hour and a half, but we arrived in good spirits to plan our Summit for the day.  Realizing that Bald Mountain was a little ambitious for a lazy Sunday Morning we decided to follow the recommendation of SirLoinofBeef and tackle Soapstone Mountain.  Our only issue was that we did not have a map or book that had Soapstone Mountain marker.   Luckily Pickles and FlyingPelvis had actually done a bike tour of Soapstone Basin Road.  Of course that was 12 years (and many brain cells) ago. We easily found the turnoff for Soapstone Basin and Road and began working our way along the dirt road.  After a bit, we were elated to find a ranger station.  We figure that the denizens of the Soapstone Basing Ranger Headquarters would likely be the world’s experts on the infamous Soapstone Mt.  Much to our surprise, we discovered that the Headquarters was populated with the word’s experts on the sterile lake trout in Soapstone Basin.  Continuing on the dirt road we steadily climbed towards a tree shrouded ridgeline.  Our plan was to follow the road to it’s highest point and then start looking for the highest point in the vicinity.  After reaching the road’s highpoint, we turned onto a side dirt road leading to some primitive campsites.  After reaching the highest campsite, we abandoned our vehicles and began working our way up a faint trail.  The trail soon petered out and we began bushwacking our way towards a flat summit.  For the majority of the ascent we were led by the intrepid trailfinding team of Splasher and Mikinsley, who regaled us with trail information and warnings about potential ant attacks.  After reaching the summit we found a nice spot of downed timber to sit on for our Summit Cheeseburgers.  For this summit we had chosen a delightful repaste of Hormone Free Bison Burgers with double slices of Oregon Tillamook Swiss Cheese with spicy Grey Poupon Mustard (But of course), all on a 100% whole wheat bun.  If that isn’t the healthiest Cheeseburger, I don’t know what is.  Congratulations to Mikinsley and Linnea for joining the SummitCheese club.  After our snack we worked our way back down the slope and eventually to the cars.  Did we summit Soapstone Mountain?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Soapstone Mountain (maybe)-Pickles (1), Esterlinkage(1), FlyingElvis(1),  Splasher (1), RBDB(1), Mikinsley(1), Linnea (1), Wimpy (1)

Entry filed under: Utah Summits.

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