Little Water Peak 9,605 feet-July 17, 2008

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A 5 AM start got our trio to the trailhead, at the top of Millcreek, before sunrise.  Amazingly there where multiple cars and hikers already present.  It turns out that at least some of them where sussing out the course for the upcoming Millcreek 50K. We chose to hike to Dog Lake using the Big Water Trail, an then try to find the trail leading to the top of Little Water Peak.  The pre-sunrise hike was spiced up by the very large, very fresh Moose tracks on the trail.  After reaching Dog Lake, SirloinofBeef and I were stymied in trying to find the trail to the summit.  So, we decided to start bushwacking (Surprised?) in an Easterly direction from Dog Lake.  By this point, the sun had risen and we were treated to Magnificent views of the central portion of the Wasatch Range.






The slope begins to steepen as you come out of the trees and start to enjoy an impressive undergrowth of wild rose bushes.  The final hike to the summit was uneventful except for premature excitement from several false summits.  Once on the peak, we each enjoyed a delightful Cheeseburger.  SirloinOfBeef and I enjoyed a Bison Cheesebuger on a whole wheat bun topped with Grey Poupon Mustard (but of course) and Ketchup.  Farting wonder partaked of a MicroCheeseburger and was eying the Bison Cheeseburgers lustfully.







The trip down was highlighted by a decision to eschew the faint trail back to Dog Lake.  Instead we began to head North East in an attempt to cut across towards the trail instead of back tracking.  By doing this we were able to stay off trail for the majority of the trip back.  We hooked up with Big Water Trail and then finished our loop by taking the Little Water Trail.

Little Water Peak-SirloinofBeef, Farting Wonder and Wimpy


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A Family Hike – Willow “Heights” Te Mata Peak New Zealand 399 meters-June 25 2008

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