alt.cheeseburger.transportation – 7/04/08

July 4, 2008 at 7:14 pm 2 comments

Continuing with last weekend’s theme of combining mountain biking trips with summit cheeseburgers, Krusty Bunz and Red Bull loaded a Camelback with four McDonald’s cheeseburgers and rode off to the Middlesex Fells Conservation Area for an Independence Day ride. Using glacial123‘s MapHacks page, it appears there are 15 summits in The Fells, so there may be a few more mountain biking trips there this summer. For today though, our mission was to conquer two of them.

Our first destination was Bear Hill. It turns out there are seven summits named Bear Hill (and one Little Bear Hill) in Middlesex County, MA. Our first destination was this one, where we both enjoyed our first summit cheeseburger of the day. This is KB stuffing his face while taking a self-portrait using his phone… can you see the reflection of Red Bull in his lens?

Krusty Bunz on Bear Hill in The Fells

Red Bull added a bit of air to his front tire and we set off again to summit #2 … Winthrop Hill, a nice coast down from Bear Hill then a challenging little ride up a short hiking trail to the summit. Red Bull’s tire was flat again, so he was forced to change the tube while enjoying his 2nd summit cheeseburger of the day. Each of us were only half prepared… KB had a spare tube and RB had a pump, so we were able to keep going.

Red Bull fixing a flat on Winthrop Hill

However, while making our way back out of the park, misfortune struck again and this time Krusty Bunz got a flat, bringing to an abrupt end the day’s mountain biking activities.

Two new summits, four cheeseburgers, two flat tires… only one spare tube. Doh!


Entry filed under: Massachusetts Summits.

Plan B: Mt. Pemigewasset, NH – 6/29/08 Into Thin Aire

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  • 1. summitcheese  |  July 4, 2008 at 10:05 pm


    I can’t keep track of which state (or country) you’re in anymore.

    Do Cheeseburgers cause flats – I wonder?


  • 2. red bull  |  July 5, 2008 at 8:47 am

    In hindsight I’m wondering if anything in those McD’s cheeseburgers would’ve worked as a patch for the tubes. ‘Cause they do hang around for a while…

    Red Bull


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