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Montreal Hill (9580 feet) – The second attempt. May 24, 2008

A hike summiting the Obelisk was planned for May 24th, to honor the birth of Mrs. Elvis Presley (aka Priscilla Presley), but sadly FlyingElvis was still in mourning over Priscilla getting eliminated from Dancing with the Stars and could not join us. In addition, Memorial Day weekend had been predicted to be wet and dreary, so SirLoinOfBeef (SLOB) and Wimpy decided to scale back their original plans to instead take a nice stroll up Cardiff Fork and finally conquer Montreal Hill. Admittedly, the change in plans probably had more to do with our level of fitness than with the crummy weather or the absence of the FlyingPelvis. The first attempt to summit Montreal Hill took place back in September of 2006 during a trip from Alta over Flagstaff MT, down into Cardiff Fork and then back over Cardiff Pass. This time, we decided to make an approach from the North in hopes of actually recognizing Montreal Hill. The dire weather predictions turned out to be as incorrect as usual and we woke up to a clear blue sky. After a leisurely 6 am start, we piled into SLOB’s mom-mobile and hit the road. To get to Montreal Hill, drive approximately 8.8 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon (BCC) until you see Cardiff Fork Road (Mill D, South) on your right. At this time of year, the gate is closed and you will need to park on the turnoff for Cardiff Fork Road (7268 foot elevation). You will then need to travel about 1.3 miles on paved road through summer homes, past the Jordan Pines campground and picnic area. Eventually the road will turn to dirt and finally you will reach the start of the trail (look for the public toilet) After the usual circuitous trailfinding, team laser beam broke away from the trail to Donut Falls and worked their way up to the Old Cardiff Mine.
Cardiff Mine?

Looking south we were treated to phenomenal views of Cardiac Bowl with Montreal Hill clearly visible in the foreground. We circled Montreal Hill to the East and eventually found snowmobile tracks leading to the ridge from the South. After gaining the ridge, we post-holed through snow to reach the rocky peak of Montreal Hill. We then treated our selves to a delicious meal of Buffalo CheeseBurgers, topped with Gruyere Cheese on a flour dusted Shepherd’s Hamburger Bun. The views in all directions were inspiring, eliciting conversations about potential future trips to Kessler Peak. After finishing our meal we decided to descend in a directissima fashion by heading down the snowcovered col leading back to the trail head. This route cut significant distance off of the return trip and also enabled some big belly snow sliding.
Wimpy on the Way Up




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Honey, I Shrunk the Cheeseburgers!

In an effort to get the entire family involved in the pursuit of Cheeseburger Summits, I tried my hand at kid-sized burgers. Pictured below are the larger-than-a-quarter Cheeseburgers I ended up with. Each is a 1/40 lb. burger.

Nano Summit Cheeseburgers

We decided to put these delicacies to good use on a hike up Ensign Peak and Vista Mound. The family, MadeMarion, sirloinofbeef, dinoboy and Bar Bar Jinks, went after the taller Ensign Peak first. Bar Bar Jinks led the way, running up the path to the summit. Was it the view or the prospect of tasty Nanosummitcheeseburgers? The money shots below confirm the ascent.

Ensign Peak Money Shot Ensign Peak Money Shot

The easy descent led to a short spur trail heading to Vista Mound. Really just a shoulder on Ensign Peak, it’s still named and worthy of Summit Cheeseburgers. Both summits provided expansive views of the Salt Lake Valley. Looks across the valley provided views of the snow-covered Wasatch Mountains. Here are the Vista Mound money shots.

Vista Mound Money Shot Vista Mound Money Shot

A short, but fun, hike with seven new Cheeseburgers, a new summit (Vista Mound) and a new hiker (Bar Bar Jinks). Welcome!

Ensign Peak – MadeMarion, dinoboy, Bar Bar Jinks

Vista Mound – MadeMarion, dinoboy, Bar Bar Jinks, sirloinofbeef

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I got the Blues again…

How much fun can I cram into one beautiful Spring day? Well… today, May 17th 2008, started with about 6 hours of volunteer work at a Habitat for Humanity build site, then I was off for a spin on my motorcycle to one of my favorite little scenic roads in the Blue Hills Reservation, where I met up with a friend for a hike, and for dinner enjoyed not one, but three summit cheeseburgers!

First… introductions: Peg has been itching to join me for a summit cheeseburger for the past month, so we met up at a trailhead in the Blue Hills (where you may recall this multi-cheeseburger feat). She brought her dog, Ilse (ELL-sah, but I prefer to refer to things that small as “it”), and at various points during the hike she had to carry the dog up and down steep parts of the trail. Whenever I see someone carrying around a small dog, the image of Paris Hilton comes to mind… Hilton… Stilton… Blue Hills… Blue Stilton!… Paris Stilton!! … and that’s why Peg will now be known as Paris Stilton! 🙂

We set of on a short hike up the Skyline Trail to the summit of Buck Hill where Paris Stilton and I each enjoyed a BK Jr. summit cheeseburger and a nice view of the Boston skyline. (I paid for bacon, but I couldn’t find any on any of the cheeseburgers I ate.)

From there we backtracked to our vehicles, collected another two cheeseburgers from our stash and followed the trail in the opposite direction. Paris Stilton announced that she was full and that I would have to eat both the remaining cheeseburgers. “At least there are only two left” was what I was thinking. We got to Kitchamakin Hill where I ate summit cheeseburger #2 and then turned back towards the start.

The trail up had taken us near the summit of Fenno Hill (which apparently is so insignifant that it just gets a passing mention as Fenno Peak on the topo map but doesn’t merit its own listing anywhere), so on the way back we bushwacked our way to what appeared to be the summit and I shoved cheeseburger #3 into my mouth.

The trip back down presented us with this nice view of the Blue Hills…

… and so concludes a beautiful Spring day.

Totals: 3 Summits, 4 Cheeseburgers, 1 new hiker, and 1new dog for which there is no cheeseburger small enough for it to consume in its entirety, so all it got today were a few dropped onions and a lot of exercise (relative to its size… for us it wasn’t much hiking actually).

Coming soon… a summit cheeseburger from Scotland!

Krusty Bunz (18 and planning more) and Paris Stilton (1)

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