4 Peaks on Antelope Island April 25th, 2008

April 27, 2008 at 12:34 pm 2 comments

The original plan was to hike Frary Peak, Stringham Peak and Dooley Knob. And then bicycle to Elephant Head and Beacon Knob for a grand total of 5 peaks and associated Cheeseburgers.  SirloinofBeef and Wimpy began their preparations for this trip, the night before, by assembling 5 different types of meat for consumption on 5 peaks of Antelope Island.  We chose Elk for Frary Peak, Organic Beef for Stringham Peak, Moose for Dooley Knob, Bison for Elephant Head and finally Venison for Beacon Knob.  While preparing each of these delectable Cheeseburgers, we ate….. Cheeseburgers of course (plus a beer or two).  The next morning at 6:30 AM, SirloinofBeef stopped by to pick up Wimpy and his bicycle.  In the grand tradition of Team Lazerbeam, Sirloinof Beef decided to head East on I-80.  Realizing the mistake we quickly turned around and started heading West.  Upon reaching the exit for I-15 North, SirloinofBeef decided to instead continue West on I-80.  Eventually getting our bearings we headed North on I-15 towards the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.  We arrived at Antelope Island without further issue and made our way to South side of Antelope Island and the Frary Peak Trail Head just before 8 AM.  As we followed the trail leading towards the ridgeline, we were treated to an Antelope grazing , multiple Bison, a Coyote out hunting and finally a huge Eagle perched on a pile of rocks.  The views were spectacular in all directions with glimpses of Pilot Peak in Nevada, Deseret Peak, and a pagebook view of the Wasatch Range.  Upon reaching the ridgeline, the trail was well marked and easy to follow.  However, if you insist on checking out all the great views around you, it is easy to trip and fall on your face (not that I speak from experience or anything).  The main trail wraps around the North side of Frary Peak and ends with a bit of scrambling to the final peak.  After admiring the views, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast of well seasoned Elk Cheeseburgers.  Heading back down from the summit we decided to take a short cut directly along the rocky ridge leading up to Frary Peak.  This route while well marked, requires more scrambling and some mild exposure.  After reaching the main trail again, we turned north to ascend to the top of Stringham Peak where we both enjoyed a Beef Cheeseburger.  The Beef Cheeseburger, while good, was simply not in the culinary league of the Elk Cheeseburger.   We then headed down to the point where the trail forks with one fork leading to Dooley Knob.  We headed towards Dooley Knob and quickly gained the Summit.  Regrettably, we were not as quick in consuming the Moose Cheeseburgers.  The Cheeseburgers were truly delicious, but we had started to run into issues with having enough moisture in our mouths to be able to swallow and an overall feeling of fullness and nausea.  We then headed back down to the trailhead,onwards to the North side of Antelope Island and the trail head of the White Rock Bay Loop.  We were again treated to spectacular views as we mounted our Bicycles and headed down the sandy doubletrack West towards Elephant Head.  As we bicyled along, the infamous bugs of Antelope Island began to make their presence felt.  Upon reaching the ridgeline leading to the summit of Elephant head, the trail narrowed and became rocky single track.  As we meandered towards Elephant Head, the density and aggressiveness of the bugs increased exponentially.  As we reached the end of the Bicycle trail, we dropped our steel steads and picked our way up the rocky slope until reaching the summit of Elephant Head.  The summit afforded us beautiful views of Split Rock Bay while we both begrudgingly ate a delicious Bison Cheeseburger.  Several factors had come into play by this point.  1) If you plan on eating 5 Cheeseburgers, don’t make them after drinking beer.  As your eyes will be much bigger than your stomach. 2) If you hope to eat 5 big Cheeseburgers in a day, you must bring a lot more water than you would usually.  3) When people warn you to bring bug repellent to Antelope Island, they are not kidding.  We found ourselves stuffed to the point of extreme nausea, dehydrated to the point of cotton mouth and feeling like we were trying to eat a mouthful of sawdust.  This all occurred as we were being repeatedly bitten by bugs that crawled into your ears, eyes, nose and mouth whenever possible.  Upon reaching the divide in the trail we decided to turn left and retrace our path back to the car rather than head to the right and onto Beacon Knob and a Venison Cheeseburger.  All around a fantastic trip with great food and fantastic hiking.  Kudos to KrustyBunz for his 5 Cheeseburger day.  I only now realize what a gastronomic feat that was.

Money Shot on Frary

Wimpy and SirloinofBeef

Frary Peak(6,596 feet)-Elk Cheeseburger

Stringham Peak(6,345 feet)-Organic Beef Cheeseburger

Dooley Knob (5,190 feet)-Moose Cheeseburger

Elephant Head (5,089)-Bison Cheeseburger


Entry filed under: Utah Summits.

Peace and Parley’s Peak Ko Phi Phi Viewpoint – Thailand; April 27, 2008

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  • 1. KrustyBunz  |  April 28, 2008 at 8:10 am

    Excellent effort! Next time I try a multi-summit day with more than 2 cheeseburgers, I’ll be seeking (or making) mini-cheeseburgers. Even “Junior” cheeseburgers get too filling by the 3rd. Too bad there isn’t a White Castle anywhere near me. (Or maybe it’s not too bad…)

  • 2. wimpy  |  April 28, 2008 at 8:58 am


    I gotta tell you that fourth burger was brutal. Five is a crazy achievement. Your name was spoken in awe during our trip.

    Keep those cheeseburgers coming.



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