Would the Mazamas approve? Cook’s Butte, Lake Oswego Oregon-March 29, 2008

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One of the coolest organizations in Oregon is the Mazamas (http://www.mazamas.org/) with the stated mission to:

“Provide a comprehensive climbing program with allied activities that enhance and protect the participants and the environment.” 

Sounds good to me, but I would suggest changing it to:

“Provide a comprehensive climbing program with allied activities that encourage the consumption of Cheeseburgers on Summits.”

 Anyway, we had had grand plans to climb lots of peaks in Oregon, but we found ourselves waylaid by continuous rain, to much food and wine and just general laziness.  As we awoke for our final morning in Lake Oswego, before heading back to Utah, Esterlinkage suggested that we knock off a quick peak.  We had been eyeing Cook’s Butte due to its easy accessability and it’s fortuitous location between my sister Shelly’s house in West Linn and the house of my Mom and Dad in Lake Oswego.   We made a quick stop at the local West Linn Starbucks (Starbucks Cascade Summit) on Salamo Road, for caffeine fuel and for two Sausage, Egg and Cheddar Hot Breakfast Sandwich.  Splasher abstained, instead deciding upon a breakfast croissant.  It should be sadly noted that the Hot Breakfast Sandwiches will no longer be available at Starbucks due to corporate concern about the yummy meat and cheesy smells overwhelming the smell of coffee.   After collecting our liquid fuel and Hot Breakfast Sandwiches, we headed out the door and down the road.  Cook’s Butte is a nondescript peak of 718 feet in elevation that is easily accessible from a nearby neighborhood street.  However, Cook’s Butte is also one of the many Lava Vents in the Portland area (http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/Volcanoes/Oregon/Publications/Allen1975/boring_lava_allen_table.html).   Someone could easily climb many of the volcano vents in the Portland area and rack up lots of easy Cheeseburger Summits.  Not that I am suggesting anything.  Anyway, we quickly made our way to the summit and wolfed down the delightful, but soon to be discontinued Starbucks Hot Breakfast Sandwiches.

 Summits: 1 Cook’s Butte

Summiteers: Lisa (Esterlinkage) 1, John (Wimpy) 1

Honorary Summiteers: Elena (Splasher)


Entry filed under: Oregon Summits.

First Hill-Mercer Island, Washington March 24, 2008 Sand Peak-the cruel way April 6, 2008

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