Winter Summit of Lime Peak (or how not to summit City Creek Peak) 12/28/2007

December 28, 2007 at 12:13 pm Leave a comment

SirloinofBeef and Wimpy started the day with an ambitous plan to summit City Creek Peak. When SirloinofBeef picked me up at 6 AM, the thermometer read a brisk 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily 20 minutes later when we reached the Trailhead below Ensign Peak, it had warmed up to a relatively balmy 13 degrees. With our usual laser beam accuracy we ascended the well trodden Ensign Peak Trail by bright moonlight. We then continued past Ensign Peak, along the less well trodden trail leading towards the ridgeline. As the trail became fainter and we began postholing, a vigorous conversation ensued about how to most efficiently get to our planned destination. We quickly agreed that we needed to be one ridgline over to the north from where we were. We began following a relatively nice trail meandering in a northwestern direction. As the trail continued down, and as more of the ridgline in question became visible, we realized that we were heading too far down and west. So we quickly decided to cut laterally across a snow filled gully theorizing that this would put us in striking distance of City Creek Peak. After several minutes of thigh deep snow and general wallowing, we began our re-ascent of the ridgeline in question. After a series of false ridgelines, we began to realize that we were yet again off course, having mistaken the 2nd highest grouping of Radio Towers as the topmost grouping of Radio Towers. By this point the wind had picked up to a steady 15-20 MPH and daylight had broken, so in the interest of time(not overall ineptitude), we decided to re-assess our original plan. Lime Peak was within striking distance and also sported radio towers and structures to shelter us from the wind during our Cheeseburger breakfast.

After reaching the summit of Lime Peak, SirloinofBeef proudly brought out ‘The Boys’. Two beautiful Elk Cheeseburgers seasoned with Garlic Powder and fresh Thyme. ‘The Boys’ had been cooked the night before and warmed earlier that morning via microwave. During our time wallowing through snow and wandering aimlessly, the Cheeseburgers had become very chilled, but not frozen. We each enjoyed our delicous breakfast and admired the beautiful vistas of Salt Lake Valley and the surrounding mountains. We then began our descent to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and back to the car. Thus completing a fabulous morning of wandering aimlessly in the foothills of snow capped peaks amongst the many deer driven to lower elevations by the winter snow.

-Team Laser Beam (SirloinofBeef and Wimpy)


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Low Altitude/High Latitude–Kattrumpbakken, Sweden, Dec.11, 2007 A New Year’s Resolution on City Creek Peak

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