Low Altitude/High Latitude–Kattrumpbakken, Sweden, Dec.11, 2007

December 11, 2007 at 2:34 pm 3 comments

posted with little or no punctuation by ‘old bull’ who can’t figure out the european keyboard. in the land of the midnight day, old bull and cold fusion stripped from the gown and tails to assault the dreaded west summit of kattrumpbakken 37 m 1km north of the Stockholm city center. 15:32 and it was pitch black but the grueling assent was rewarded with burgers of a medley of elk, moose, reindeeer (a new species, I believe) topped with Swedish farmers cheese. a longer post with pictures will follow as we´´re being booted off this machine

kirk, old bull, and judy, cold fusion, kattrumpbakken, dec. 11, 2007

Before 50 bites to go The conqueror Rudolf on the Bun


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  • 1. summitcheese  |  December 11, 2007 at 6:32 pm

    Oh my. I didn’t know you were in Sweden – but I know why. If you’re stopping in Denmark you’d better hurry up. Someone has already summitted there but has yet to post (flyingpelvis). This must be the northernmost summit so far.


  • 2. Wimpy  |  December 12, 2007 at 9:48 am

    This is great. In your updated post are you going to include any pictures from the award presentation?

  • 3. old bull  |  December 20, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    This comment should serve as the amendment to the first post for this summit.
    First, a correction on the name: Kattrumpsbacken. The altitude might be a little off as well, as the 37m refers to the base of the closter; we didn’t feel like climbing the spire in dress shoes so we opted for the west (and geographic) summit of the “backen” (hill, paa svenska) enshrouded in pines with a granite ‘peak.’ It took some fine orienteering to find this place as it was only identified on one map (conveniently left at the hotel just in case our neighbor,”the Boss” (aka Bruce) needed to find his way back to Jersey); a website (in Swedish) also mentioned it and gave the elevation. Next time we find a topo and nail a bundle. The city is full of hills and a harbor with islands and peaks.

    Okay, the story……Kirk (Old Bull) and Judy (Cold Fusion) were privileged to attend the festivities during Nobel Week in Stockholm. These included lectures, interviews, receptions, parties, concerts as well as the award ceremony, banquet, and ball. The requirement for formal clothing limited the amount of hiking gear (boots replaced by 2 dresses and 2 full-length gowns), so we opted to limit ourselves to a single summitCheeseburger, in walking distance of a subway stop, accessible in leather soled shoes.
    Old Bull limited the target to the single site on his city-map with the afforementioned web-site verified elevation. Three days before the assault he procured the “burger” component of the meal: a package of dried “wild meat” composed of elk, moose and reindeer; the meat was appropriately hand-ground prior to assembly of the “boys.”
    Pre-assault preparations began the day before with a 7 a.m. breakfast of pickled herring. At 8:30, Judy was submitted to a vigorous “up-do” by ‘Patrik’ (out-of-your-league, pElvis) and his team of nymphettes while Kirk watched enjoying a second breakfast of croissants, espresso, strawberries and champagne. At 3 p.m., the duo left the hotel for the symphony hall and the quite grandiose award ceremony. By 7, they were safely seated in the banquet hall waiting for Karl Gustav to raise his glass so they could finally get a drink. Following a meal literally fit for a king (wine was good, too!) with a ballet between the courses, pre-hike training was completed by dancing until 2.
    Summit-day was easy except for two problems. Find the peak; find the cheese and buns. Regarding the former: DO NOT ask a pair of young men in cheap polyester business suits with nametags and the same first name of ‘Elder’ for directions to anyplace other than the Celestial Kingdom. At least the Stockholm subway maps are accurate. The subway stations also sell cheese sandwiches–suitable substrate for the aforementioned ‘ground’ meat. Hmm…the memory is kicking in, here; only one Summit Cheeseburger contained the Swedish cheese; the other was a french roll with melted mozarella saved from Judy’s lunch plate. Anyway, to make a long story only slightly longer…..a granite boulder overlooking the Kattrumpsbacken Closter was chosen as the geographic “high point” of the lofty hill north of the city center; the assault was made in complete darkness (at 3:30 in the p.m.!!–6 hours of sunlight, btw, 7 degrees off the horizen at high noon, but it was cloudy, anyway); burgers consumed and Kirk made it back in time for another meal of Rudolf steak and lingonberry sauce.


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