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Winter Summit of Lime Peak (or how not to summit City Creek Peak) 12/28/2007

SirloinofBeef and Wimpy started the day with an ambitous plan to summit City Creek Peak. When SirloinofBeef picked me up at 6 AM, the thermometer read a brisk 12 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily 20 minutes later when we reached the Trailhead below Ensign Peak, it had warmed up to a relatively balmy 13 degrees. With our usual laser beam accuracy we ascended the well trodden Ensign Peak Trail by bright moonlight. We then continued past Ensign Peak, along the less well trodden trail leading towards the ridgeline. As the trail became fainter and we began postholing, a vigorous conversation ensued about how to most efficiently get to our planned destination. We quickly agreed that we needed to be one ridgline over to the north from where we were. We began following a relatively nice trail meandering in a northwestern direction. As the trail continued down, and as more of the ridgline in question became visible, we realized that we were heading too far down and west. So we quickly decided to cut laterally across a snow filled gully theorizing that this would put us in striking distance of City Creek Peak. After several minutes of thigh deep snow and general wallowing, we began our re-ascent of the ridgeline in question. After a series of false ridgelines, we began to realize that we were yet again off course, having mistaken the 2nd highest grouping of Radio Towers as the topmost grouping of Radio Towers. By this point the wind had picked up to a steady 15-20 MPH and daylight had broken, so in the interest of time(not overall ineptitude), we decided to re-assess our original plan. Lime Peak was within striking distance and also sported radio towers and structures to shelter us from the wind during our Cheeseburger breakfast.

After reaching the summit of Lime Peak, SirloinofBeef proudly brought out ‘The Boys’. Two beautiful Elk Cheeseburgers seasoned with Garlic Powder and fresh Thyme. ‘The Boys’ had been cooked the night before and warmed earlier that morning via microwave. During our time wallowing through snow and wandering aimlessly, the Cheeseburgers had become very chilled, but not frozen. We each enjoyed our delicous breakfast and admired the beautiful vistas of Salt Lake Valley and the surrounding mountains. We then began our descent to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and back to the car. Thus completing a fabulous morning of wandering aimlessly in the foothills of snow capped peaks amongst the many deer driven to lower elevations by the winter snow.

-Team Laser Beam (SirloinofBeef and Wimpy)


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Low Altitude/High Latitude–Kattrumpbakken, Sweden, Dec.11, 2007

posted with little or no punctuation by ‘old bull’ who can’t figure out the european keyboard. in the land of the midnight day, old bull and cold fusion stripped from the gown and tails to assault the dreaded west summit of kattrumpbakken 37 m 1km north of the Stockholm city center. 15:32 and it was pitch black but the grueling assent was rewarded with burgers of a medley of elk, moose, reindeeer (a new species, I believe) topped with Swedish farmers cheese. a longer post with pictures will follow as we´´re being booted off this machine

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Before 50 bites to go The conqueror Rudolf on the Bun

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Oldest (in Dog Years) SummitCheese Hiker

Nov. 11, 2007

On a beautiful November day (Wimpy’s Birthday), I (Esterlinkage), Sadie (Farting Wonder) and new member Molly (Old Lady) summited what is perhaps the most daunting peak in the Wasatch Range, Parley’s Peak. The peak is named for famous Mormon pioneer Parley Pratt and is most notable for the large H (for Highland High School) painted on a large rock sticking out of its flank. After our grueling ascent (the trail is quite steep for the first hundred yards), we reached the summit in approximately 15 minutes. Once at the top, we all enjoyed a bone dry McDonald’s Cheeseburger and the smells and views from the peak. Molly (Old Lady) is 12 and 1/2 in human years but given her weight of 60 pounds this puts her age at approximately 80 dog years (see calculator below), so please join me in welcoming the oldest Summiteer!

Weight Based Dog Age Calculator

Calculate a dog’s age in human years by using the dog’s age and weight.

Weight: 65 lbs
Age: 12.5 years
Human Age: 79.2 years
Human Age (7x): 87.5 years


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A Bag of Cheeseburgers for Peak Bagging in the Blue Hills (11/30/07)

The Blue Hills Reservation in Milton, MA is an great destination for an outdoor enthusiast to enjoy a beautiful view of Boston… and a cheeseburger. Or several cheeseburgers. Okay, l’ll be honest: I saw SamIAm’s recent post and feared that he may be out to prove that he loves cheeseburgers more than I do, so I took advantage of the fact that I have (a) a day off, (b) a mere 35 minute drive to the Blue Hills, (c) a bag of cheeseburgers, and (d) a loop trail that can’t be 3 miles long with 5 named peaks on it. My only concern… can I stomach 5 cheeseburgers in such a short period of time?

From the parking lot by the Reservation Headquarters, I took the north fork of the Skyline Trail up Hancock Hill (500′) for my first Burger King Whopper Jr. with Cheese. The best views from this summit are to the east , looking towards more of the Blue Hills that will need to be visited another day. Today, I’m headed west.

An easy stroll slightly down and then up again and I was on Hemenway Hill (470′) for cheeseburger #2. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have time to burn off that first cheeseburger, but since I started hiking at noon and was very hungry, I was looking forward to this second one. A slightly longer walk than the first two trail segments got me to #3 on Wolcott Hill. I had to bushwhack off trail a bit to get to this summit, but was rewarded with a Red Tail Hawk siting while I sat munching on my cheeseburger. The trail then dipped down to another valley then back up a steep (relatively, but not really) trail to Great Blue Hill (635′) which offers a fine view of Boston from the old stone observation tower.

I turned back on the south fork of the loop trail for the hike back to the car, which takes me over Houghton Hill (420′) for my final cheeseburger of the day. I was really wishing we had White Castle or some other source of mini-burgers in this area, but I managed to stuff the 5th cheeseburger in my face and wandered down the trail back to my car.

It took less than two hours to complete the loop, and I may not need to eat again today. Or tomorrow. The excursion cost me $145.88 … $6.30 for the cheeseburgers and $139.58 for a new tire after getting a flat on the drive home. 😦

KrustyBunz: +5 to bring the total to 12 cheeseburger summits!

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