DMV Euro Trip deviates from tour plan and tames the Zugspitze

November 22, 2007 at 11:01 am 1 comment

We find ourselves located in the Stadt Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The band Deutscher Musik Verein (DMV) from Cleveland, Ohio is on its EuroTrip ‘07 Tour playing at the Edelweiss Lodge. This is the fourth stop on the tour and we are performing for U.S. Service men on R&R. Our stage is the front lawn of the resort with the Zugspitze as the backdrop. As we entertain the guests, a thought crosses my mind, we need to ascend to the Zugspitze summit, eat a burger with cheese and have a beer.

As we traveled back to our Hotel that night in our Schmidt Reisen Tour Bus, the plan to ascend the mountain and eat a cheeseburger was devised. Well, not really, we first had to close the bar at the Hotel and discuss other topics of the day.

It was now early morning July 27, 2007. It was our off day before heading to Munich to play at the world renowned Hofbrauhaus. It was slow going but we made it to breakfast and eventually off to Garmish from our Hotel in Innsbruck. The band decided to spend the day in Garmish, with a few band members shopping in town while the others headed for the summit. WAIT!! We needed some Cheeseburgers…..we saw a sign for a McDonalds on the way into town; we only had an hour before the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn headed for the Zugspitzplatt. Carl, Geoffrey and I headed into town searching for cheeseburgers. Time was running out and we were getting desperate. We asked some construction workers if we were close, they indicated that we were in fact heading in the right direction. They were amazed that Americans are so hung up on cheeseburgers. After twenty minutes of walking, we found our destination and loaded up with our precious cargo. After some photo opts at McDonalds, we trekked back to the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn with only 5 minutes to spare.

It was time to ascend the mountain. Per the published departure time, the Zugspitzbahn left the station on time. On our way up, we and the Japanese tourists were entertained by band comedian Tim. Twenty GB of digital camera memory was consumed in 10 minutes. After thirty minutes, we arrived at Zugspitzplatt / Sonnalpin. We maneuvered the labyrinth of corridors and steps to set sail on the cable tram, Gletscherbahn, to complete our ascent.

We reached the top of the tallest mountain in Germany. A think fog with visibility less than 5 meters made it difficult to locate a beer. We persevered and found a beer Stube. The Bier Stube also had a good looking Gulaschsuppe, sorry, back to the story. Greg, a member of the expedition team, purchased a Helles und ein Dunkel and consumed them while straddling the German / Austrian border. Nothing like drinking in two countries at the same time. We walked over to the Austrian side and found the summit marker. We unbundled the insulating layers of coats to reveal warm cheeseburgers. Amazing!

We assembled for the group Prost, photo and consumption of the cheeseburgers on the Austrian summit at 2950m.

Congrats! To the Austrian Zugspitze summiteers:

Greg – Trumpet
Tara – Clarinet
Grumpy – Bar dude extraordinaire
Carl – Baritone
Geoffrey – Drums / Trumpet
Tim – Trumpet
Greg – Drums
Jason – Trombone
Doug – Tuba
President Chrissy – Trumpet
Jim – Tuba
Amy – Vocal
Amy – Clarinet
Amy – Spiritual leader for Trumpeter Greg
Captain Kirk – Euro Trip 2007 Mascot

We then hiked over to the German side and found getting to the summit a bit more difficult. With the remaining cheeseburger, I risked life and beer to climb the German Zugspitze summit (2962m). I entered the “climb at your risk area” and began the dangerous assent to the German summit. I was contemplating turning back; however, the encouraging hollers through the thick fog from the newly crowned Austrian summiteers help me move forward. Finally, I as in Ron from Parma representing the Clarinets stood upon the highest German summit and consumed a Cheeseburger.

After this great achievement, the members of DMV quickly consumed their beers and headed for Eibsee. As we waited for our tour bus we discovered a Gasthaus and ordered another round of beverages to settle our stomachs and to reminisce on the heroic efforts of our expedition team.

Summit Cheeseburger Records:

  • Largest group to consume a cheeseburger on a summit (16 includes mascot)
  • Ascended highest summit in Germany
  • Ascended first cheeseburger summit in Germany
  • First mascot to consume a cheeseburger on a summit
  • Most beer consumed on a summit

DMV performing at Edelweiss Resort - Zugspitze little hill in back Close-up of Jim Cheeseburger summit - DMV Style Expedition plan

Entry filed under: International Summits.

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  • 1. Wimpy  |  November 28, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    This is the greatest post of all time. I raise a beer and cheeseburger in your honor. Kudos to all of you!


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