Mt. Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH (11/18/07)

November 20, 2007 at 10:27 pm 4 comments

I decided relatively late on Friday that I was going to have a cheeseburger lunch on Sunday at the top of the world’s second most climbed mountain, so despite my best efforts* to find hiking buddies on short notice, I set off to Jaffrey alone and cold at 9:30 on Sunday morning. I found a cafe in Jaffrey and procured a cheeseburger for the hike. It was about 10:45am and the place was quiet so I chatted with the waitstaff about the mission. They were so impressed that they had the cook wrap the cheeseburger in foil to give it a fighting chance of staying warm, wrapped the lettuce/tomato/onion separately in plastic wrap, and put the pickles in a ziplock bag for reassembly at the summit, they even threw in a goody bag with cookies! By 11am I was at the Birchtoft trailhead and on my way up the mountain. I’ve hiked Monadnock several times before in every season, but this was my first time on this trail, which is longer and more out of the way than the two main trails, so it was pleasantly devoid of other hikers until close to the summit where trails merge. The temperature was in the mid-high 30’s at the trailhead and the trail was dry and leaf-covered. By the time I was halfway up the trail, the path was covered with snow and ice. I was prepared for the temperature, but did not bring any traction gear, so the pace on the top half of the trail was considerably slower. I reached the summit of Mt. Monadnock (3165′) and began assembling my cheeseburger. It was almost luke-warm still, which was a nice surprise. There were about 15-20 people on the summit at any one time while I was there so I attempted to recruit people for the mission. Only time will tell if I was successful. (I could use some of those little cards to give away, how do I get some?) The trek down was even more treacherous on the ice-covered rocks, but incident free. Total round trip time was 4 1/2 hours and about 7.5 miles covered.

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* read: pathetic attempt


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  • 1. summitcheese  |  November 21, 2007 at 11:09 am

    Kudos for adding New Hampshire. I have many pleasant memories from hiking the presidential range, but sadly no Cheeseburgers.


  • 2. summitcheese  |  November 21, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    I love the picture of the Lonely Cheeseburger.


  • […] the summit of Mt. Wachusett, you get treated to nice views of Boston to the east, Mt. Monadnock and other future cheeseburger summits to the west and north, and plenty of communication and […]

  • […] The trail was generally flat, with a few little uphills, a couple of downhills, and a final really big little uphill to the summit at 1283′. Fortunately for us, someone had been by with chainsaws many years before and cleared some trees so that we had some nice lookouts of the surrounding area along the trail and at the summit, including a great view of Mt. Monadnock. […]


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