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Peach Mountain, OH – Driving in the Creek!

Looming over the boyhood home of SamIAm is Peach Mountain (1266 ft/386 m) in Adams county, Ohio. Summitcheeseburgers were consumed by Hamburglar and SamIAm, on Friday, November 23, 2007 at about 1230. The summit was attained by the popular western route past Davis Memorial, Mineral Springs Lake, the site of the old Whitley’s General Store and on to Peach Mtn. Lon. In a bold move, the descent route was on the more difficult eastern slopes which required driving through one rocky creek bed in a 2001 Camry. There are several places in Adams County, Ohio where bridges are considered optional if the creek bed is relatively solid and floods occur only a few times a year.


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DMV Euro Trip deviates from tour plan and tames the Zugspitze

We find ourselves located in the Stadt Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The band Deutscher Musik Verein (DMV) from Cleveland, Ohio is on its EuroTrip ‘07 Tour playing at the Edelweiss Lodge. This is the fourth stop on the tour and we are performing for U.S. Service men on R&R. Our stage is the front lawn of the resort with the Zugspitze as the backdrop. As we entertain the guests, a thought crosses my mind, we need to ascend to the Zugspitze summit, eat a burger with cheese and have a beer.

As we traveled back to our Hotel that night in our Schmidt Reisen Tour Bus, the plan to ascend the mountain and eat a cheeseburger was devised. Well, not really, we first had to close the bar at the Hotel and discuss other topics of the day.

It was now early morning July 27, 2007. It was our off day before heading to Munich to play at the world renowned Hofbrauhaus. It was slow going but we made it to breakfast and eventually off to Garmish from our Hotel in Innsbruck. The band decided to spend the day in Garmish, with a few band members shopping in town while the others headed for the summit. WAIT!! We needed some Cheeseburgers…..we saw a sign for a McDonalds on the way into town; we only had an hour before the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn headed for the Zugspitzplatt. Carl, Geoffrey and I headed into town searching for cheeseburgers. Time was running out and we were getting desperate. We asked some construction workers if we were close, they indicated that we were in fact heading in the right direction. They were amazed that Americans are so hung up on cheeseburgers. After twenty minutes of walking, we found our destination and loaded up with our precious cargo. After some photo opts at McDonalds, we trekked back to the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn with only 5 minutes to spare.

It was time to ascend the mountain. Per the published departure time, the Zugspitzbahn left the station on time. On our way up, we and the Japanese tourists were entertained by band comedian Tim. Twenty GB of digital camera memory was consumed in 10 minutes. After thirty minutes, we arrived at Zugspitzplatt / Sonnalpin. We maneuvered the labyrinth of corridors and steps to set sail on the cable tram, Gletscherbahn, to complete our ascent.

We reached the top of the tallest mountain in Germany. A think fog with visibility less than 5 meters made it difficult to locate a beer. We persevered and found a beer Stube. The Bier Stube also had a good looking Gulaschsuppe, sorry, back to the story. Greg, a member of the expedition team, purchased a Helles und ein Dunkel and consumed them while straddling the German / Austrian border. Nothing like drinking in two countries at the same time. We walked over to the Austrian side and found the summit marker. We unbundled the insulating layers of coats to reveal warm cheeseburgers. Amazing!

We assembled for the group Prost, photo and consumption of the cheeseburgers on the Austrian summit at 2950m.

Congrats! To the Austrian Zugspitze summiteers:

Greg – Trumpet
Tara – Clarinet
Grumpy – Bar dude extraordinaire
Carl – Baritone
Geoffrey – Drums / Trumpet
Tim – Trumpet
Greg – Drums
Jason – Trombone
Doug – Tuba
President Chrissy – Trumpet
Jim – Tuba
Amy – Vocal
Amy – Clarinet
Amy – Spiritual leader for Trumpeter Greg
Captain Kirk – Euro Trip 2007 Mascot

We then hiked over to the German side and found getting to the summit a bit more difficult. With the remaining cheeseburger, I risked life and beer to climb the German Zugspitze summit (2962m). I entered the “climb at your risk area” and began the dangerous assent to the German summit. I was contemplating turning back; however, the encouraging hollers through the thick fog from the newly crowned Austrian summiteers help me move forward. Finally, I as in Ron from Parma representing the Clarinets stood upon the highest German summit and consumed a Cheeseburger.

After this great achievement, the members of DMV quickly consumed their beers and headed for Eibsee. As we waited for our tour bus we discovered a Gasthaus and ordered another round of beverages to settle our stomachs and to reminisce on the heroic efforts of our expedition team.

Summit Cheeseburger Records:

  • Largest group to consume a cheeseburger on a summit (16 includes mascot)
  • Ascended highest summit in Germany
  • Ascended first cheeseburger summit in Germany
  • First mascot to consume a cheeseburger on a summit
  • Most beer consumed on a summit

DMV performing at Edelweiss Resort - Zugspitze little hill in back Close-up of Jim Cheeseburger summit - DMV Style Expedition plan

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Mt. Monadnock, Jaffrey, NH (11/18/07)

I decided relatively late on Friday that I was going to have a cheeseburger lunch on Sunday at the top of the world’s second most climbed mountain, so despite my best efforts* to find hiking buddies on short notice, I set off to Jaffrey alone and cold at 9:30 on Sunday morning. I found a cafe in Jaffrey and procured a cheeseburger for the hike. It was about 10:45am and the place was quiet so I chatted with the waitstaff about the mission. They were so impressed that they had the cook wrap the cheeseburger in foil to give it a fighting chance of staying warm, wrapped the lettuce/tomato/onion separately in plastic wrap, and put the pickles in a ziplock bag for reassembly at the summit, they even threw in a goody bag with cookies! By 11am I was at the Birchtoft trailhead and on my way up the mountain. I’ve hiked Monadnock several times before in every season, but this was my first time on this trail, which is longer and more out of the way than the two main trails, so it was pleasantly devoid of other hikers until close to the summit where trails merge. The temperature was in the mid-high 30’s at the trailhead and the trail was dry and leaf-covered. By the time I was halfway up the trail, the path was covered with snow and ice. I was prepared for the temperature, but did not bring any traction gear, so the pace on the top half of the trail was considerably slower. I reached the summit of Mt. Monadnock (3165′) and began assembling my cheeseburger. It was almost luke-warm still, which was a nice surprise. There were about 15-20 people on the summit at any one time while I was there so I attempted to recruit people for the mission. Only time will tell if I was successful. (I could use some of those little cards to give away, how do I get some?) The trek down was even more treacherous on the ice-covered rocks, but incident free. Total round trip time was 4 1/2 hours and about 7.5 miles covered.

KrustyBunz – 1

* read: pathetic attempt

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles … and the Waseberg Falls!

The assault began at 4:00am, Saturday Nov 10th – an alpine start. After a couple cups of coffee and catching up on the recent New England Patriots news on the internet, I grabbed my gear and headed out.

Interestingly enough this climb began and ended in a cab. First stop, SL International, gate D9, Delta Fight 118 to Charles De Gaulle, via John F Kennedy in New York City. Arriving in Paris at 9am the morning of Sunday Nov 11, I replenished myself with the second best cup of coffee I have ever had. With the unfavorable exchange it rate it was $6! It was good, but not as good as a cup from Joe’s Coffee House in NY around the corner from Forbes Building on 60th (I will with have to check that).  Another short flight later on Air France and I had arrived at Base camp – the Grand Elysee Hotel in Hamburg Germany. One of the nicest base camps I have found anywhere in the world, of course I have never been to Japan, and I have not had a chance to sample either German or Japanese bananas foster. I am doubtful that either German version will stand up to the world famous Japanese forms.

I changed into my high altitude gear; lightened my load, dropped some supplies, grabbed my daypack and maps (see pictures) for the final push. The train station, Dammtor, was less than a km from the camp. Fortunately the station was equipped to supply any and all cheeseburger summiteers – there was a MacDonald’s below the platform.

With a Cheeseburger Royale in hand I made my way to the platform. Of course, it took me about 10 minutes of asking random strangers for help. After I finally gained the help of a local who could speak English, I managed to purchase my all-day train pass – 5.10 euros, and board the first of two trains. Had I made the assault on ANY day other than Sunday, I would have been able to take the S1 all the way to Blankenese. Unfortunately, it was Sunday, which required that I take the S31 to Altona and switch to the S1 bound for Blankenese.

Upon arrival at the Blankensee township (?), I deboarded and sought my transit to the summit – a cab. Fortunately, one was in wait; and fortunately, the drive spoke English well, and was able to decipher my poor pronunciation of Waseberg. After a minute or two and with a puzzled look on his face the drived wisked me away for the final push. It was a short drive from the station, and if I would have had more time, I would have walked, but then again, I would not have been able to claim the first summit conquered, in one climb, using three forms of mechanized transit!

The road ended near, but not at the peak of the hill. I asked the driver to wait. I detect a conflicted response .. he seemed unsure about his safety – it really was not clear to him how crazy I really was. I think he was concerned for me, but also concerned for himself. Despite his obvious reservations, and because I did not offer to pay him his fare until we got back to the train station, he reluctantly agreed to wait.

I was off on the final dash, literally to the top – Backpack in hand, meter running, cheeseburger rapidly getting colder and colder. Fortunately, it was only 0.5 km to the top, maybe another 60 ft in vertical. I made it! At the top, while running, I snapped a couple pictures and began chewing. Fortunately, I had refrained from drinking my Coke (no ice) until I reached the summit – cause I needed to flush (and I mean flush) down the burger as quickly as I could. I was feeling rough before I started my run down the hill and back to the cab. I was feeling and looking real rough when I arrived. The driver became instantly more concerned…… had I just committed a crime, why had I been running, why I did I look like I was going to hurl?…he had better not hurl in my car. He suggested the possibility that I was a having a heart attack, I tried to assure him (and myself) that that was not the case.

Back to Blankenese, Altona, Dammtor and ultimately the Grand Elysee. – the climb was complete and Summit Cheese had its first peak in Germany. It was a long haul (17 hours, more than 6000 miles, and total elevation gain of more than 100,000 feet), but it was well worth the effort. I had earned my rapidly ensuing nap!

Cheeseburger Royale – Waseberg, Germany – Flying Elvis.

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looking for Meridian, but finding T1N Peak 11/10/2007

With the usual laser beam like accuracy, SirloinofBeef and Wimpy spent a Saturday morning wandering amongst the hills between Ensign Peak and the border of Davis County.  The original goal was to start at the Ensign Peak Memorial Park Trail Head, skirt Lookout Mound, continue past Ensign Peak (5282 feet), then flank the Radio Towers on the way to City Creek Peak (6150 feet).  We would then cross through Hell Canyon and over Meridian Peak (5978 feet),  on the way back down to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  Thus completing an elegant loop and adding at least two peaks to the SummitCheese website.  The debate as to what was City Creek Peak, Meridian Peak or just about any other peak began almost immediately.   Limited by a paltry two Cheeseburgers for the entire summit team, we made a tactical decision to concentrate our burger eating efforts towards Meridian Peak.  After crossing over what may or may not have been City Creek Peak, we continued through Hell Canyon and onto the broad ridgeline just north of the string of Radio Towers dotting the hillside.   Finally settling on what we figured was most likely Meridian Peak we began scouting for a benchmark.  We quickly located a benchmark (see photo) that carried an inscription for Tin Peak from the Salt Lake City Corp(huh?).  Realizing that we might or might not be on Meridian Peak, but most certainly on some peak we decided to enjoy our still warm Microwaved Kirkland Signature Premium English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches-made with fresh english muffins, grill cooked egg patties, 2 slices of 100% naturally aged sharp cheddar and just a whisper of BHT, BHA free Canadian bacon slices.   As we sat there enjoying our delicous meal, my mind harkened back to 1972 when Herb Peterson, and his assistant, Donald Greadel, the operator of the McDonalds Santa Barbara franchise introduced the Egg McMuffin to an eager fast food audience.  After our brief but delightful meal, we continued down the broad ridge to a rock outcropping.  We were delighted to find yet another Salt Lake City Corp Benchmark, marking Sand Peak.  We then backtracked a bit to connect up with the Bonneville Shoreline trail and finally back to Ensign Peak Memorial Park. 

Wimpy 1

SirloinofBeef 1

T1N Marker The Money Shot Looking Back Up at Meridian Antelope Island

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Mont Orford, Quebec (11/3/07)

The plan was to rise early, drive to the Eastern Townships, hike for a few hours, then be back to Montreal in time for the wedding at 3:30pm. On the drive out, I described the summit cheeseburger mission and my plans to eat a cheeseburger on Mount Royal the next day. My vegetarian friend pointed to the mountain we were approaching and said “too bad you didn’t say something earlier, I think we just passed the last McDonalds a few exits ago, you could have had one up there, that’s where we’re going.” I had assumed we were hiking around a lake or something, so after a some quick negotiating, we drove past our exit and found a McDonald’s at the next exit. “A cheeseburger consists of (at a minimum) a meat patty with cheese and a bun”… by that definition, a Sausage McMuffin (Saucisse McMuffin en francais) will suffice today (we tried to get a cheeseburger, but they politely declined, in french). We made a bee-line for the summit of Mont Orford (859m), I ate my (now very cold and rubbery) “cheeseburger”, then enjoyed another couple of hours hiking the trails around the hill and made it back to Montreal in time for the wedding.

KrustyBunz – 5 cheeseburgers to date, first Quebec cheeseburger summit (first Canadian cheeseburger summit???)

Mont Orford Cheeseburger

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Royale with Cheese (11/4/07)

Vincent: And you know what they call uh…a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Montreal?

Jules: They don’t call it a Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

Vincent: nah man they got the metric system, they wouldn’t know what the [!] a quarter pounder is.

Jules: Then what do they call it?

Vincent: They call it, uh, Royale with Cheese

Jules: Royale with Cheese?

Vincent: That’s right.

KrustyBunz (6 cheeseburgers and counting) ate a cheeseburger from La Paryse (best burgers in town) on the summit of Mount Royal (234m) in Montreal, Canada.

Mont Royal Cheeseburger

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