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An Olympic Feast: Mt Olympus S. Summit, SL County, Utah, 10-28-07

The Utah Yeti (as in Big Feet–aka Lise) was so enamored with the Lamberghini she consumed on Mt. Timp in August, she organized a group assault to the South Summit of Mt. Olympus, 9026 ft, that graces the eastern slope of the Salt Lake bench. Her team of 13 bipeds and 3 canines began the mid-morning ascent, but after the grueling 4000 verticle in 3.5 miles, only 8+1 could enjoy the 360 degree views of the Wasatch and the Valleys below. In addition to Lise, veterans of the Timp adventure included, Dave (anytime but early), Susan (Sierra), and Kirk (Old Bull), accompanied by the virgin Cheeseburgersummiteers, Jake (Bruny), Ulrich (Ubster), Fred (PM), Matt (Butcher), and his faithful Puck (Totebag).
The smoke from the SoCal fires made the view less than spectacular, but that disappointment was quickly forgotten with the meal that ensued. A dozen Lamberghinis and 15 Swiss/Danish (Gruyere and Dill Havarti) bison Summitcheeseburgers were warmed in the skillet on the stove both hauled to the peak by the Ulster (aka Ulrich) and washed down with the ambrosia (aka Budweiser–a single can for the team–also toted by Ulrich, who was obviously tolerated for more than his navigational skills). This intrepid group of Cheeseburgersummiteers was far from alone on the popular peak and two more willing souls were able to enjoy our bounty: Richard (Grizz) and Scott (Snowfl8k) were quite amused by the mission statement and quickly signed on (l’aroma de Lamburghini is a fine perfume).
A fine fall day and some fine food made this a memorable summit:
Jake (Bruny)
Ulrich (Ubster)
Lise (UtahYeti)
Dave (AnytimeButEarly)
Fred (PM)
Kirk(Old Bull)
Puck(Totebag)–canine division
Mt. Olympus, S. Summit, 9026′


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Pennsylvania’s High Point: Mount Davis

Cheeseburgers were consumed yesterday at 12:52 on PA’s highpoint of Mt. Davis by SamIAm and Hamburglar. Also in attendance and desperately desiring a cheeseburger on the summit was KaweenoSheba, who is a real dog of a hiker. As metal plaques on the summit point out, just 15000 years ago, the summit was heavily glaciated. So it can be truthfully said that without global warming, yesterday’s event would have been much more difficult if not out right impossible. As it was, it was a unusually warm and sunny late October day for western PA, with the color change of the leaves near peak, and the rural location of Mt Davis, it made for an especially easy, pleasant and beautiful approach and a short easy summit push.

Looking forward to more eastern cheeseburger summits in the future.


Mount Davis, PA - Money Shot

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Why Boston gets a day off on March 17th (Boston 10/17/07)

When last we checked in, Boston’s New Revolutionary Forces had revisited Breeds Hill the site of the battle of Bunker Hill (go figure) that more or less set the tone for the American Revolution. Well, fast forward 9 months to March 4th, 1776, a night when 2400 Revolutionary troops and militia managed to build forts on the two highest hilltops of Dorchester Heights (aka South Boston) overnight, and right under the noses of the British troops camped out nearby in sight of the hills. General George Washington was pretty sneaky that way! The Brits planned to attack right away, but didn’t, and in no time GW’s men had made the forts so impregnable that the British evacuated Boston on March 17th… all 11,000 of them. These days, March 17th is Evacuation Day in Boston, a holiday for many people. Most people probably think they’re getting St. Patty’s Day off to drink because Boston’s Mayors have all been Irish, but the truth is spelled out (poorly) on a plaque at 130′ asl on the top of Telegraph Hill in South Boston. Next St. Patty’s Day, I’ll remember that history lesson, and recall the distinct lack of flavor in the Better Bacon Cheeseburgers from KnowFat! Lifestyle Grill that Gouda2Go (formerly Karen – 3 cheeseburgers) and I, KrustyBunz (4), ate up there on a very mild October evening. (…on an off-night between games 4 and 5 of the ALCS with Boston down 3-1 against Cleveland.)

Summits: 1
Cheeseburgers: 2

Telegraph Hill Cheeseburger

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A Trail of Two Summits (Boston 10/02/07)

Boston is a city rich with history, and much of that history can be enjoyed by following the Freedom Trail – “a 2.5 mile red-brick walking trail that leads you to 16 nationally significant historic sites, every one an authentic American treasure” … and a couple of them on hills, as luck would have it.

 At one end of the Freedom Trail is the State House, the oldest building on Beacon Hill (elev. 100′). After a brief wander through the streets behind the State house, we found the high point of the hill amongst multi-million dollar townhouses and enjoyed our Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. This was Karen’s virgin summit cheeseburger, the 2nd for KrustyBunz, and the first Massachusetts summit recorded for the cause.

At the other end of the Freedom Trail is the Bunker Hill Monument, a tribute to the 2nd battle of the Revolutionary War fought on the site on June 17th, 1775, a battle lost by the American’s, but at a far greater cost to the British. Our assault on the hill resulted in only two casualties – a pair of $12 cheeseburgers from the IronSide Grill consisting of an angus sirloin burger with lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions and goat cheese (fries included, but mostly discarded due to the previous cheeseburger). As it turns out though, the battle of Bunker Hill didn’t take place at Bunker Hill, it took place at Breeds Hill (elev. 80′), and that is where the Bunker Hill Monument stands, and that is where we enjoyed out second summit cheeseburger of the evening.

Total to date: KrustyBunz (3), Karen (2). Watch for more reports from New England as these new Revolutionary Forces take more “summits” in the near future!

Virgins: 1
Summits: 2
Cheeseburgers: 4

Bunker HIll

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Two Peaks, Three Burgers (Avenue Twin Peaks) 09/24/2007

On a blustery September 24th morning, Renee and I (Esterlinkage), accompanied by the FartingWonder, conquered both of the Avenues Twins Peaks.  Although we had some difficulty finding the trailhead following the directions from Wimpy (‘It’s somewhere behind the cemetery”), we made the pleasant ascent to the first peak with the FartingWonder in the lead. We choose to continue on to the second peak to enjoy our McDonald’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit and the views of Salt Lake City and the Great Salt Lake.  The way down was notable for the cute baby Horny Toad Renee spotted and the Tarantula walking on the trail which Renee spotted and the FartingWonder almost stepped on as we were trying to direct her out of its way.   

Peaks – 2

Burgers – 3 (1 Renee, 1 Esterlinkage, 1 Farting Wonder)

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