Princess Di loved Cheeseburgers (Trapper’s Point) August 31, 2007

September 5, 2007 at 4:51 pm Leave a comment

On the 10 year anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana,  we (OldBull, SirloinOfBeef, FlyingElvis, SamIAm, KrustyBunz and Wimpy) decided to honor her memory by bagging another Cheeseburger Summit.  Knowing that Princess Di was not only a hardy hiker, but also a secret lover of Cheeseburgers, we all felt that this would be a fitting tribute.  Our original plan was to take the “Great Spirit” ski lift to the top of Fortification Mountain at the White Pine Ski Resort.   Sadly while purchasing the requisite Cheeseburgers at the Sugar Shack in Pinedale, sustained rain and lightning forced us to reconsider.  We all knew that the sky was crying in memory of Princess Di.  The summit assault team gathered to discuss our options and decided upon a re-Summit of Trapper’s Point.  While Trapper’s Point has been previously summited and Cheeseburgers consumed, we had 3 Newbies (SamIAm, KrustyBunz and Wimpy) in our group of six.  We found Trapper’s Point easily and made our way from the Game Fence to the Summit.  6 delicious Sugar Shack Cheeseburgers were consumed and we all shared a group hug and a moment of silence for “the People’s Princess”.

A hearty SummitCheeseburger welcome to first time Cheeseburger summitteers: Sam-SamIAm and Craig-KrustyBunz.


Entry filed under: Wyoming Summits.

Mighty Van Cott-Redux Everybody Loves Raymond (Mount Raymond 10,241 feet), September 22, 2007

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