Mount Agassiz via Naturalist Basin August 21st, 2007

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August 21st, until now, most infamously known in Cheeseburger Lore as the day in 1997 that the Hudson Food Company agreed to destroy 25 Million Pounds of Tainted Hamburger Meat (that is roughly equivalent to 200 million quarter pound Cheeseburgers! a sad sad day).  Our August 21st started dark and early at 5:30 AM.  After an approach drive of 1.5 hours (thanks for driving Paul!), we reached the Highline Trail Trailhead (~10,250 feet in elevation) at just after 7 AM.  Our stated goal for the day was to summit and eat a Cheeseburger atop Mount Agassiz (12,254 feet in elevation).  Our secondary, but also important, goal was to continue our preparation for the upcoming one day attempt on Mount Glover in the Northern Wind River Range.  With both goals in mind, our starting pace was brisk and continous.  After following the Highline Trail for several rolling miles, we turned left at the Trail for Blue Lake.  The trail began steadily heading upwards, passing the eastern edge of the Morat Lakes and eventually Blue Lake.  Following the trail at this point became less of a sure thing, but the surrounding geography easily guided our footsteps.  We attained the ridgeline between Mount Agassiz and Spread Eagle Peak and then followed the indistinct ridgeline trail to the rocky ascent to Mount Agassiz.  Along the ridgeline, we were treated to stunning views to the North of Hayden Peak, Rider Lake and to the south of Naturalist Basin.  The route to the summit of Mount Agassiz  generally follows the spine of broken rock and is much easier than it looks from a distance (class 2+).   The summit of Mount Agassiz is very wide and there are two distinct rock cairns.  The farther and higher of the two, marks the summit and is also marked with a weatherbeaten mailbox.  At the summit, we were each treated to an excellent Carl’s Junior Famous Star Cheeseburger (Thanks Patrick!).  Though the weather was perfect on the summit (a true bluebird day), we quickly began our descent for the sake of time.  The trip down was relatively uneventful until FlyingElvis jammed a toe and SirloinofBeef decided to attempt to perform the splits while admiring Spread Eagle Peak.  Our crew now consisted of FlyingElvis nursing a hyperextended toe, SirloinofBeef nursing a bruised knee and Wimpy nursing a poor attitude.  We then limped our way back down past Blue Lake until rejoining the Highline Trail for the final push to the trailhead.  We reached the Trailhead at about 2:20 PM for a roundtrip time of just over 7 hours and a total distance of about 14 miles.

Patrick, Paul and John-1 Carl’s Junior Famous Star Cheeseburger each.  Let us all hope that this starts a new dawn for August 21st.

Summit Cheeseburger


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