Wire Mountain – Cougar Bait?

August 15, 2007 at 2:44 pm Leave a comment

After consulting with Kirk, I figured this would be a fun one. Took the gulch approach from Red Butte and George’s Hollow, and after following some drainage route I had myself totally convinced I was going the wrong way, but plowed ahead anyway. After reaching what I think may have been the top of George’s Hollow, before entering into the overgrown / tree enclosed part of the trail I had the distinct impression something was following me, as I seemed to hear crunching of foliage off to my left every time I took a step. Of course it stopped when I did too. Being alone, and getting a bit freaked out, I thought to myself “I can see the headline–“Graduate student gets mauled for cheeseburger—Awesome.” So the feeling of paranoia increased exponentially as I trekked though that portion as the crunch seemed to stop for a while then would begin on the opposite side further up the trail. Finally, being the brave soul that I am, I chucked a good size rock into the brush and of course there’s not a sound, so now I’m thinking “Great, this thing is not just tracking me, but patient too”. So after tightening down the straps on my back, I started kicking up the pace, and of course the following continues, and I’m feeling pretty penned in…but after finally breaking out of it at the top, where I could see Mount Wire again, I was feeling pretty good……until I start hearing the crunching again. So at this point I take the irrational action of sprinting to the high ground toward Wire so I can have a vantage point. Of course it proves useless, but at least I could see something coming now (at least that’s what I hoped). Here I finally mellowed out, and started noticing the actual hike, and it was beautiful up there, and horny toads were everywhere, it actually took paying attention to avoid squashing them. After hitting the summit and chowing my burger by the radio tower I got a good pic of the sunset on the way down…which brings me to my next tactical blunder—starting this hike way too late. So I bombed down the spine of Mt. Wire by the trail that, as Kirk put it, “Had my buddies on their ass half the way down”…which still seemed a better alternative than going back the way I came toward the forested part in the dark with only a headlamp. And of course Kirk’s prediction about being on my ass was correct, thankfully no falling, just some serious sliding action. Finally hit the lower trail, got a great pic of the sunset hiking out of Red Butte to the parking lot, and thought “well done”…only to find out from Kirk that a faculty up here at Eccles who runs that way in the morning had seen some nice cat tracks up there that very morning. Wonderful.

The Summit: Mount Wire / Big Beacon, UT, August 4th, 2007 The Burger: Beef The Cheese: Swiss The Bun: Wheat bread


Wire sunset


Entry filed under: Utah Summits.

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