Nash Hill Near Kent, Ohio

July 27, 2007 at 8:06 pm 1 comment

It looks as though the center of the summit Cheeseburger universe is moving closer to Ohio. A few weeks ago glacial23 (Sam) summited Gildersleeve Mountain in Ohio and sent in a post. Last weekend another Ohio peak was summited – by a new hiker, aspasia93. Welcome! She posted a message on her LiveJournal account. With permission it’s published here:

As planned, I attended a friend’s wedding today in Kent, OH, but not before making a stop at the friendly local McDonald’s for a cheeseburger (hold the onions) to bag a summit!

I checked out glacial23’s Google USGS map toy.

I have to say that I was only marginally successful as I had to avoid numerous massive gopher holes just to get up to this point of the branch litter. The next 5’7″ (I’m 5’3″) was >60°. The only possible pathway … was obstructed by some gopher caverns, so I ate my cheeseburger only a head and a half below the actual summit: Nash Hill – Portage County, Ohio. This summit was a walloping nosebleeding 1158ft/elev.

[note: the bare soil all around the large hole in the photo had extreme crazing upon close inspection — didn’t want to risk all of it collapsing with me stuck right in the middle of it. Even from the distance I was standing, it appeared as though side tunneling started within less than 6″ from the surface.]

Google maps and indeed Google aerial photography made the summit APPEAR to be about 15 feet east, and the sudden elevation change was completely unforeseen.

Gaging from all the litter and exposed roots, I wouldn’t be surprised if the summit really was 99% accurate on the date of the USGS survey. (hill slide?) It isn’t exactly like the USGS sends someone to personally inspect every single summit in the entire country every year or three just to make sure they haven’t “moved”…

I was on my way to a wedding less than two miles from this summit, so this first mission of mine was a bit of a wolf-down and run (but viable anyway since I forgot to eat breakfast). Having been to the BP barely 100-feet north of this summit many times, I made the mistake of thinking the summit was on the east side of the stand of trees, when it was indeed on the west side. Had I had more time to make sure we had entered the HIGHER parking lot, then have my driver drive down to the hinter road to take photos, I would have definitely strolled across the parking lot to summit.

BOTH the upper parking lot near the actual summit and the lower access road sit well above the street level and out of direct line-of-sight from the road.

I certainly like to think it was a little more valid “in spirit” as I did a little bit of litter scrambling instead of simply walking across a casually slanted parking lot…

Do I get extra “E for effort” points for attempting to summit wearing a dress and dress clogs? I can happily report that both clogs stayed right were they belonged, firmly on my feet!

I promise, next summit will be a little better planned than “Oh LOOK! There’s a summit less than five minutes from where I’m already going!!!” and will indeed feature a far better cheeseburger than I could scrounge up in fast-food time. I’ll have to look for the nearest Winking Lizard or Rockne’s.

And that makes two Cheeseburger summits for the great state of Ohio. Aspasia93, we hope that you will continue with your Cheeseburger summiting adventures – are you attending another wedding soon? We need all the help we can get as we’re still about 70,000 Cheeseburgers short of finishing off all the peaks in the USA.

Nash Hill, OH – aspasia93


Entry filed under: Ohio Summits.

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  • 1. Marie  |  July 28, 2007 at 2:50 pm

    Funny you should ask!

    18 Aug, I have another wedding to attend, this time in downtown Akron. As I’ll be swinging around the city on 77, I will try to bag Sherbondy Hill. It seems to have good parking lots nearby for “dress hiking” 🙂

    I’ll save Coal Hill for another day when I am dressed a little more appropriately for tromping through the woods…


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