Another First for the Team That Scaled the Highest Peak So Far

July 11, 2007 at 12:24 am Leave a comment

The summit team that scaled the highest peak on the books so far, Pike’s Peak, (also the first in Colorado) set their sights on the first named summit in the largest of the lower 48 states (Texas, of course). After assembling in the parking lot of Monument Hill State Park, site of the oldest Texas brewery and of the tombs of many heroes of the Texas war of independence, the team strolled casually toward the towering summit, an incredible 453 feet above sea level. After reaching the summit, and pausing for a moment of silence at the grave of numerous heroes of the Texas revolution, the summit team feasted on Sonic cheeseburgers, purchased a mere 15 minutes previously in the metropolis of La Grange (those of you familiar with ZZ Top will know this town, and others of you may know it from the subject of the song). Although this summit seemed simple, a stumble at the precipice near the summit could have resulted in a plunge of about 200 feet to the roaring Colorado River (see photo’s) below, which, due to recent heavy rains, was swollen to more than 5 times its normal depth.

Following the summit, the team strolled through the grounds to observe the historic Kreische home and brewery, the oldest brewery in the state. Although unable to enter the brewery for safety reasons, the team was humbled while in the presence of a site of such historical significance. Following the tour of the grounds, the team scattered to their various homes for later afternoon adventures, with the team leader returning to Utah following another successful first. As for the Pike’s Peak summit, the team included the team leader (Bassman) and five of his closest relatives (Music Lady, Grandma, Senior Girl, Middler, and Little Girl).

Monument Hill Pictures 018.jpg Monument Hill Pictures 007 Monument Hill Pictures 002 Monument Hill Pictures 013

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Church Fork Peak-Directissima Boulder boulder

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