Four Score and Seven Years Ago ….

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“Four score and seven years ago ….. “, well … not quite; that is how I wanted this post to start, but Paul would just not stop nagging me about getting it done; so…. alas, I could not take any more of his nagging, and the post of the century, or at least the post of the last 87 years will never be written……. and what I post it was going to be.

I suppose a number of the key characters in this post might not have been as timeless as I might have imagined and perhaps some of the innate grandeur would have been lost over time. I mean, for instance .. who will remember Phil Mickelson 87 years from now … seriously; Tiger Woods on the other hand; now Tiger’s stories will be alive and well in the annals of sports history 87 years from now; I am quite sure. But Phil Mickelson, come on, in 87 years .. not a chance. So the novelty and impact of meeting Phil’s mother-in-law on this particular pilgrimage might have been lost. So Renee (Phil’s mother-in-law), yeah Phil might have beet Tiger once, but no one will remember THAT in 87 years. It is better that someone restate it now, just one more time, before everyone but Phil’s grandchildren forget. Oh, by the way, ……Phil’s mother-in-law was very nice lady.

This particular pilgrimage welcomed a new cheeseburger summiteer, Bob. Welcome Bob! This summit was the first, to my knowledge, fully-mechanized assult of a peak. This was a true expedition. After covering more than 3 million ft on our way to the trailhead ..  Grape Street onto I-5, we let out. Oppps, I forgot; the rental car. It was not too bad, a Mazda 6, silver, about 13K miles, nice pick-up, nicely placed cup holders, but I digress.

Our first stop — In-n-Out Burgers. Now neither Paul nor Bob had had any experience at In-n-Out, so I guided through the ordering process… “3 Double-doubles!” it really was that easy. Paul seemed to feel a little uneasy with Mt. Soledad looming above use to the North. He ordered a milk (no ice) to sooth his nerves. It seemed to help. I think I could hear him happily humming Barney tunes to himself as we pulled back onto the freeway.

Before long, after driving through roughly $15.24 trillions dollars of residential real estate, we reached the summit of Mt Soledad. The top of Mt Soledad is still one of those great by-way stops. It is a great place to view the entire north San Diego county; it turns out it is a great place to eat a cheeseburger. Now, in the end, we did have to get out of the car and walk up a few steps; so maybe, perhaps technically, it was not the first fully mechanized assult of a peak, but then again, if the executive committee can see its way to count a “ridge” as suitable place to eat a cheeseburger, surely this is acceptable .. I mean after all, it is not like we were eating brie sandwiches!

Great time had by all.

– Bob, Paul and Patrick

Now I only have three other “back-dated” posts to write! Maybe I can save the four score angle for one of those!


The Menu The Boys, in a Box The Summit What a View


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