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Morning on Bald Mountain

With probably hundreds of Bald Mountains to choose from, we picked the Bald Mountain lying on the Great Western Trail between I-80 and Big Mountain Pass in Northern Utah. Patrick arrived ready to hike in a stunning, bright lime green t-shirt, hearkening back to his salmon-colored T, worn on last year’s hike of the Fearsome Foursome (see photo).

Beginning at Big Mountain Pass, we picked up the Great Western Trail heading south. The hike is fairly tame, mostly over rolling terrain. Jacob’s ladder and bluebells were in bloom – the balsam and Wyethia were just past their prime. Just a short way up the trail we startled a young male moose; he scampered ahead and hid (unsuccessfully) just a bit off the trail. Patrick brought the main course – the Carl’s Junior Star. As we unpacked a trail runner loped by. He was headed all the way to Brighton, and we would have joined him if it weren’t for our important Cheeseburger eating duties. The summit of Bald Mountain provides a great view of the Millcreek ridge as well as Dale, Perkins, Lookout, and Grandview Peaks. In the distance we could see the Uintas, including Bald, Reid, and Murdoch Mountains. The best view was straight on into Alexander Basin which is carved into the flanks of Gobbler’s Knob.

A short hike – about 6 miles round trip. No major elevation.

Patrick, Paul – Bald Mountain

The Money Shot Nice Meadow Alexander Basin There's the Summit


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Whaler’s Knoll – 180 Feet of Monterey Vertical

On the family trip to California for Chris and Ellie’s wedding we drove right past Pilot Peak (near Wendover, Nevada), through the Sierras at Lake Tahoe, to eventually end up at Point Lobos State Reserve located on the southern end of the Monterey Penninsula. What a beautiful place! We first took a walk through a grove of Monterey Cypress (Cypress Grove Trail) to an overlook of the Pacific Ocean. Another short hike (Sea Lion Trail) took us back to the ocean with a view of seals and sea lions.

The hike up Whaler’s Knoll was uneventful – a quick dash up the 180′ tall monster, followed by quick work on a Safeway deli counter Cheeseburger. If you head to Point Lobos note that in addition to Whaler’s Knoll, you can climb the equally impressive Sand Hill and Rat Hill.

Paul – Whaler’s Knoll

The Summit Bench Whaler's Knoll Hike Monterey Cypress Poison Oak?

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Pike’s Peak – A New Summitcheeseburger Altitude Record

The summit of Pike’s Peak started with a leisurely flight from Salt Lake City to rendezvous with the remainder of the ascent team in Colorado Springs, CO. Following an on-time arrival at the C. Springs airport, the team leader met with the team over dinner at the Olive Garden (since Cheeseburgers were to be consumed the following day, Italian fare was the order of the evening). A 10:00 departure was planned for the ascent the following day. Following a stout breakfast, including fruit, eggs, toast, and other nourishing ingredients, the team departed by minivan for the road to the summit. Surprisingly, after a short (1 hour) drive, the team not only arrived at the mountain, but incredibly at the peak of the peak. Due to the difficulty of arriving at such a difficult summit carrying Cheeseburgers, the summiteers decided to purchase beef and cheddar Cheeseburgers at the gift shop on the summit. The burgers then were consumed under the watchful eyes of numerous envious onlookers who could only wish that they had been the first to enjoy a Cheeseburger in front of the summit sign on top of the peak. The best part of the entire adventure was that even the smallest summiteer (Anna, age 7) and the oldest (Ruth, age 75) completely devoured their Cheeseburgers following the difficult summit. As the photographic evidence shows (coming soon), there even was time for a romp in the snow during the ascent, a great surprise given that most of the climbers had been at sea level only a mere 3 days prior, attesting to their extreme physical conditioning.

Pike’s Peak, Colorado – Bassman, Music lady, Senior girl, Little Girl, Grandma, and Middler

The Summit Sign The Gang It Snows Here! Let's Finish Them

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To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.
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