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Half Moon Mountain–A view worthy of the pain

Half Moon Mountain graces the low skyline east of Pinedale, Wyoming. Off-limits to winter hiking because of a grazing elk herd, the peak is ignored in the summer in favor of the high country further east. Ignoring maps (and common sense), Nugget literally dragged Kirk and Judy on a frontal bushwhack assault up the south face on noon, of May 28, 2007. Pikas, marmots, elk droppings were Nuggets incentives to dare 1200ft in a single mile (the descent took the more leisurely eastern route). Spectacular views of the entire Wind River Range (Temple to Glover), the Gros Ventres, the Tetons, the Wyoming Range (Uintahs in clouds) and well-aged Lamburgerhinis was the prize–Summitcheeseburgers consumed on the ACTUAL summit (8700′ +), not the faux summit marked on the maps and with a rock-pile at 8695′.
Half Moon Mountain, WY, Judy, Kirk, Nugget, May 28, 2007


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A Lincoln County (WY) First–Round Mountain

Just the name, “Round Mountain,” strikes fear into the hearts of winter motorists negotiating the treacherous terrain between Kemmerrrrrrrrrr and La Barge. The 5 mile long stretch along the north shoulder of the butte is always windswept and often snowbound. To the committed Cheeseburgersummitteer, however, Round Mountain is a summit, 7671′. Judy and Kirk had viewed this peak well over 100 times, but not until the afternoon of May 27, 2007, did they dare attempt an assault. Led by the nose of Nugget (stimulated by the scent of antelope), the trio walked a mile along the dirt two-track, surrounded in wildflowers (phlox, larkspur, a single paintbrush) before bushwhacking the final 200 yards to the summit. Three (now famous), Lamburghinis (Morgan Valley ground lamb, KGB garlic, home-grown oregano, organic Feta, oat-bran bun) were their rewards–along with stunning vistas of the Wind River Range, the Uintahs, and the Wyoming Range.
Round Mountain, May 27, 2007, Nugget, Judy, Kirk

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The Mission

To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.
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