Weekend in Sublette County

April 30, 2007 at 9:15 pm 2 comments

Shocked–simply SHOCKED–that there were no SummitCheeseburgers consumed in the canine division, Nugget launched herself into history on April 27, 2007. Our story begins……..
Before ascending into the historic burg of Daniel, Wyoming, US189 climbs to a saddle between two lofty buttes. There is lack of cartographic consensus on the name of these summits, but the bisected ridge is generally referred to as “Grindstone Butte.” To the east lies the “Daniel Grindstone Butte,” at 7610′, marked with a WyDOT plaque, known on at least one map as “Chalk Hill.” Towering to the west and listed by some as merely “Grindstone Butte” lies the true vertical summit at 7626′.
Unable to decipher the directives of the Summitcheesburger Rules Committee, Nugget decided to hit them both. Leading Kirk and Judy through the sage off Price-Todd Rd. along the eastern approach of the eastern summit, Nugget braved gale force winds, to make the summit on the morning of April 27. She and her team were rewarded with 3 beef (grass-fed, natural, Montana-raised), Havarti-coated on oat-bran buns, Summitcheeseburgers and a short photo-op.
Less than an hour later, Nugget led the same team to the western summit from the northern approach off the Ryegrass Rd, consuming yet again the Montana-beef/Havarti/Oat Bran Summitcheeseburgers.
Dawn broke early on April 28 and the taste of Summitcheeseburgers was on Nugget’s tongue. The highpoint (8625′) on the divide between the New Fork and the Green Rivers is the tree-enshrouded, Black Butte. The “good news, bad news” of the favored approach is that: (1) there is a Black Butte Trail; (2) this trail is in fact a road through subdivision in progress. Fortunately, in April in Wyoming, such roads are impassable in a Subaru, so Nugget, once again, led Judy and Kirk the final mile through the evergreen forest to the summit, and 3-more Montana-beef/Havarti/OatBran Summitcheeseburgers met their demise. Views from the top included the Gros Ventre, the Wyoming Range, the Wind River Range and scores of migrating antelope and mule deer.
The final assault of the weekend was a return to the scene of the crime. Nugget and Judy convinced Kirk that a morning assault on Hooker was not in the cards, and the team opted for a rerun of Kirk’s first Summitcheeseburger (minus the hangover)– Trapper’s Point. Two more Summitcheeseburgers (ditto the menu) went down, but Nugget suffered a major disappointment as her jack-rabbit dessert, in spite of the half-mile sprint, did not materialize.
Grindstone Butte East: Nugget, Judy, Kirk
Grindstone Butte West: Nugget, Judy, Kirk
Black Butte: Nugget, Judy, Kirk
Trapper’s Point: Nugget, Judy
p.s……you nervous, yet, Patrick? remember the old bull


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  • 1. summitcheese  |  May 1, 2007 at 9:18 am

    Nice, Nugget. We’re in Carmel waiting for Clint Eastwood’s permission to eat Cheeseburgers on local peaks. We feel lucky.


  • […] car for Trapper’s Point – the site of many previous Cheeseburger summits (see here and here). After a bit of dirt road and a short hike we celebrated the […]


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