Opportunity missed or growth potential?

April 15, 2007 at 2:50 pm Leave a comment

“Little” Black Mountain on the map or Black Mountain on the Summitcheeseburger Website, 8111 ft., commands the ridgeline between City Creek and Red Butte Canyons. This evergreen-covered prominence has tempted the desire of the committed Summitcheeseburgerteer for the past year, but until April 15, 2007, no one dared to mount an assault.
Enter Paul and Kirk and a 4-pack of Greek Lamburgerhinis (ground lamb, oregano, thyme, garlic–KGB, of course–feta, on a Tuscan roll). The well-worn trail off Terrace Hills Dr. belied the scrub and rock scramble at the top, but the views and the meal were the pay-off. An especially satisfying sight was the ridgeline from Grandview to Burro and the invoked memories of past conquests.
Four false summits took its toll on the intrepid duo, however, sapping the energy (and the extra Summitcheeseburgers) needed for the secondary target, Table Mound, a thousand ft below and a mile distant (good thing, too–a post-hike gaze at the map showed they had no clue where that summit was). “We Shall Return,” however…Rudy Flat, Dude Peak, “Rock” and Table Mound await annointing with a Summitcheeseburger.

Kirk, Paul – Little Black Mountain

Summit Cheeseburgers Burro, Grandview, and Little Black East of the Summit It's Not Table Mound


Entry filed under: Utah Summits.

Red Butte – aka a Ridge on Wire Mountain Mmmm. A Tuscan Buffalo Summit Cheeseburger.

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