Apex Ridge via Mill Creek Canyon-First Skied Summit

January 29, 2007 at 2:39 pm 1 comment

With the Salt Lake Valley blanketed in an inversion, the lure of clean air and blue skies was irresistible. The day began (as they often due), with a 7 AM meeting at the 15th and 15th Starbucks for some caffeine courage. After a quick McDonalds stop to pick up several Cheeseburger like items, we journeyed to the winter gate in Mill Creek Canyon (~6000 foot elevation). As would be expected, the snow was well traveled. We telemarked up the snow covered road for several hours until reaching the Millcreek Canyon Winter Yurt (7640 foot elevation) at 4.5 miles. We then continued up the canyon on the Big Water Trail for about 1.5 miles to the split for Dog Lake. At that point, we continued up Mill Creek Canyon on the Great Western Trail until reaching the ridgeline summit (~9300 foot elevation), overlooking the Canyons Ski Resort . We then turned north and followed the Great Western Trail for several hundred yards, until we branched east traversing the southern slopes of the ridgeline from Murdock Peak. As we approached the Out of Bounds area of the Canyons Ski Resort the terrain became much steeper and icier. We determined that it would be safer to traverse one snow choked couloir on foot. While it was safer, it was also much harder as we both began post-holing up to our waist in snow. Upon reaching the farside of the couloir, we continued our trek on foot (due to lack of snow), until we reached the top of the Upper Boa Ski Run and the Super Condor Express Ski Lift (9000 foot elevation). We then ascended the final few feet to the snow covered summit above the First Aid/Ski Patrol Hut. Upon reaching the summit, we sat down and enjoyed a frozen McDonalds Sausage Biscuit with Cheese. It should be noted, that the freezing of a McDonalds Sausage Biscuit with Cheese results in a product that is close to inedible. We then enjoyed a leisurely ski down the upper and lower Boa ski run, during which Paul demonstrated his new found skill of telemark turns. However, witnesses have stated that the telemark turns looked oddly like an old man doing the snow plow. John, on the other hand, continued his tradition of side slipping and snow plowing intermixed with falling. Upon reaching the bottom of the ski run, we caught a quick ride on the Cabriolet Bucket lift to the Canyons base camp. We then caught a free bus ride to the Park City Resort to meet Marion for a ride back to Salt Lake City. All told this trip required two car rides, a bus ride, a ski lift, ~12+ miles of skiing and about a half mile of walking.


Paul and John
Into the Woods Snowmackine Tracks Down Millcreek Canyon Snow-Covered Tree


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  • 1. flyingelvis  |  January 29, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    I propose a new title for the Post … “Apex Ridge via Mill Creek Canyon – First RIDGE posted on Summit Cheeseburger”. It is what it is and it is a ridge. 😉 .. this could be what lead to the fall of Rome gentlemen!

    Consider this protested.. assuming I currently have such a privilege.


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