Planetary Triple Play for a Double Summit (Dale and Perkins Peak)

January 22, 2007 at 4:02 pm Leave a comment

On a celestially significant morning (12/10/2006) we started our drive up to the parking lot at the top of Emmigration Canyon. As we turned into the parking lot, we discovered that we were not alone. The parking lot was filled to overflowing at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning. We of course assumed that the SummitCheeseburger website had finally become recognized as the latest extreme sport and that this was the resulting gathering of admiring groupies. We soon learned that the large group of people (in number and in girth) were not there to admire our hiking and eating prowess, but to see the aligning of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. We were stunned to find out that 3 planets had not been in this close of proximity since 1925 and won’t be again until 2053. We took a moment to admire this planetary treat and then began our hike up to Dale Peak. As we approached the first of several false summits before the true Dale Peak, we were almost thwarted by a Mama Moose and two juveniles. Neither Mama nor offspring were interested in moving off the trail such that we could pass. We conducted a quick vote as to who in our group looked or a least smelled the most like a Moose. Paul won in a landslide and proceeded to demonstrate his best Scary Moose impression. Patrick and I, of course kept a safe distance back and began to discuss how we would explain to Marion how Paul got stomped to death. Neither Mother nor offspring seemed very impressed or even aware of Paul’s Scary Moose potrayal. Eventually, we chose to circumnavigate the family of Moose and continue on to the summit. On the summit of Dale Peak we were treated to a fine view of the Salt Lake Valley, Grandeur Peak, Church Fork Peak and Mt Aire. Patrick enjoyed an aftermarket modified fast food Cheeseburger, thus joining the elite group of Dale Peak Cheeseburger Sumiteers. We then proceeded along the stunning ridgeline to Perkins Peak. Unable to find an appropriate trail to the shrub choked summit, we decided to bushwack (big surprise) our way to the peak. On the summit of Perkins Peak we were again treated to beautiful views of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake Valley. Patrick, Paul and John each enjoyed a yummy Cheeseburger. Thanks to Patrick for the Cheeseburgers.

Dale Peak-Patrick

Perkins Peak-Patrick, Paul and John

Entry filed under: Utah Summits.

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