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Apex Ridge via Mill Creek Canyon-First Skied Summit

With the Salt Lake Valley blanketed in an inversion, the lure of clean air and blue skies was irresistible. The day began (as they often due), with a 7 AM meeting at the 15th and 15th Starbucks for some caffeine courage. After a quick McDonalds stop to pick up several Cheeseburger like items, we journeyed to the winter gate in Mill Creek Canyon (~6000 foot elevation). As would be expected, the snow was well traveled. We telemarked up the snow covered road for several hours until reaching the Millcreek Canyon Winter Yurt (7640 foot elevation) at 4.5 miles. We then continued up the canyon on the Big Water Trail for about 1.5 miles to the split for Dog Lake. At that point, we continued up Mill Creek Canyon on the Great Western Trail until reaching the ridgeline summit (~9300 foot elevation), overlooking the Canyons Ski Resort . We then turned north and followed the Great Western Trail for several hundred yards, until we branched east traversing the southern slopes of the ridgeline from Murdock Peak. As we approached the Out of Bounds area of the Canyons Ski Resort the terrain became much steeper and icier. We determined that it would be safer to traverse one snow choked couloir on foot. While it was safer, it was also much harder as we both began post-holing up to our waist in snow. Upon reaching the farside of the couloir, we continued our trek on foot (due to lack of snow), until we reached the top of the Upper Boa Ski Run and the Super Condor Express Ski Lift (9000 foot elevation). We then ascended the final few feet to the snow covered summit above the First Aid/Ski Patrol Hut. Upon reaching the summit, we sat down and enjoyed a frozen McDonalds Sausage Biscuit with Cheese. It should be noted, that the freezing of a McDonalds Sausage Biscuit with Cheese results in a product that is close to inedible. We then enjoyed a leisurely ski down the upper and lower Boa ski run, during which Paul demonstrated his new found skill of telemark turns. However, witnesses have stated that the telemark turns looked oddly like an old man doing the snow plow. John, on the other hand, continued his tradition of side slipping and snow plowing intermixed with falling. Upon reaching the bottom of the ski run, we caught a quick ride on the Cabriolet Bucket lift to the Canyons base camp. We then caught a free bus ride to the Park City Resort to meet Marion for a ride back to Salt Lake City. All told this trip required two car rides, a bus ride, a ski lift, ~12+ miles of skiing and about a half mile of walking.


Paul and John
Into the Woods Snowmackine Tracks Down Millcreek Canyon Snow-Covered Tree


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Planetary Triple Play for a Double Summit (Dale and Perkins Peak)

On a celestially significant morning (12/10/2006) we started our drive up to the parking lot at the top of Emmigration Canyon. As we turned into the parking lot, we discovered that we were not alone. The parking lot was filled to overflowing at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning. We of course assumed that the SummitCheeseburger website had finally become recognized as the latest extreme sport and that this was the resulting gathering of admiring groupies. We soon learned that the large group of people (in number and in girth) were not there to admire our hiking and eating prowess, but to see the aligning of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. We were stunned to find out that 3 planets had not been in this close of proximity since 1925 and won’t be again until 2053. We took a moment to admire this planetary treat and then began our hike up to Dale Peak. As we approached the first of several false summits before the true Dale Peak, we were almost thwarted by a Mama Moose and two juveniles. Neither Mama nor offspring were interested in moving off the trail such that we could pass. We conducted a quick vote as to who in our group looked or a least smelled the most like a Moose. Paul won in a landslide and proceeded to demonstrate his best Scary Moose impression. Patrick and I, of course kept a safe distance back and began to discuss how we would explain to Marion how Paul got stomped to death. Neither Mother nor offspring seemed very impressed or even aware of Paul’s Scary Moose potrayal. Eventually, we chose to circumnavigate the family of Moose and continue on to the summit. On the summit of Dale Peak we were treated to a fine view of the Salt Lake Valley, Grandeur Peak, Church Fork Peak and Mt Aire. Patrick enjoyed an aftermarket modified fast food Cheeseburger, thus joining the elite group of Dale Peak Cheeseburger Sumiteers. We then proceeded along the stunning ridgeline to Perkins Peak. Unable to find an appropriate trail to the shrub choked summit, we decided to bushwack (big surprise) our way to the peak. On the summit of Perkins Peak we were again treated to beautiful views of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake Valley. Patrick, Paul and John each enjoyed a yummy Cheeseburger. Thanks to Patrick for the Cheeseburgers.

Dale Peak-Patrick

Perkins Peak-Patrick, Paul and John

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Ensign Peak – Frozen Burgers for Frozen Hikers

In the midst of a brutal cold snap here in Utah, we thought that a morning ascent of Ensign Peak and consumption of ice cold burgers was a good idea. We agreed to meet at the 15th and 15th Starbucks for a morning coffee to help warm us up – Ralph didn’t show; maybe he was afraid of the cold. Starting from the neighborhood above the state capitol, Ensign Peak was a mere 0.3 miles and 300 vertical feet from the car. A short, but chilly, walk on crunchy snow led us to the summit of the peak where we dug into 2 semi-frozen Wendy’s Jr. Cheeseburgers. Anything for another coveted Cheeseburger icon!

John and Paul – January 16, 2007

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Flamingoes on Flat Iron Mesa

Happy New Year – Welcome 2007!

Kitchen Prep / Planning – Since this was one of the more technical ascents in the early dawn hours for us newbies, we needed to thoroughly plan out the excursion. First, the Cheeseburger. Deep thought went into choosing the correct Cheeseburger……will the children be able to consume the entire Cheeseburger according to the rules and regulations of Summit Cheese. We were looking for a White Castle mini Cheeseburger, however, we were unable to locate one using the latest GPS technology. Our second choice was a 99 cent McDonalds Cheeseburger. On Monday night, we were on a mission to acquire eight Cheesebugers. We used the convienent drive thru option by ordering and then paying with as many Two Dollar federal reserve notes issued by the Minneapolis, Minnesota district. After nil reaction from the cashier to the odd notes, we had the necessary supplies for Tuesday’s ascent.

The Ascent – Tuesday morning we headed out towards Flat Iron Mesa (4,797 ft.) using the Garmin GPS to guide us. A successful bus ride brought us to within 50 yards of the summit. We approached on foot moving carefully on the snow-covered flanks of the summit cone. Imagine our surprise at spotting a pair of flamingoes on the summit. At the summit, lukewarm Cheeseburgers were produced and consumed. After finishing her Cheeseburger, Nicole proclaimed “I’m hungry.”

The views might have been impressive had it not been for the thick inversion. For other interested parties, Flat Iron Mesa Park has grills available for cooking freshly-prepared summit Cheeseburgers.

Welcome to the new Cheeseburgersummiteers Patti, Nicole, Anthony, and Ron!

Patti, Nicole, Anthony, Ron, Marion, Paul – January 2, 2007

We're WAP Compatible Summit Flamingoes IMG_1504.JPG Wasatch

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