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Parley’s Peak-Directissimo

Sunday, December 24th. We began our day with an ascent up 2100 South to the McDonalds Drive Thru. After collecting our Cheeseburgers, we continued to the Bonnevile Shoreline trailhead beneath Parley’s Peak. We quickly decided to eschew the established trail to the ridgeline. Instead, we circled around to the more technical Western Flank of Parley’s Peak. With dogs Molly and Sadie leading the way, we began our summit assault. After several minutes and multiple feet of elevation gain, we reached the shrub choked summit. Eric Esterling proudly joined the ranks of the SummitCheeseburger Summiteers. As a Certified Nutritionist in training, Eric did feel the need to question the food safety of leaving a Cheeseburger un-refrigerated for over an hour, but that didn’t stop him from wolfing down a delightful, reasonably warm Cheeseburger.

John and Eric


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Panorama Point – No Charge

Have you ever considered that admission to a National Park can be as much as $25 while admission to the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. is free? Well, to some people this makes no sense at all. But today we ate a Cheeseburger on a summit in a national park – and didn’t have to pay a dime!

Our three families took Friday off to make a long weekend and traveled down to Teasdale (Wayne County), located near Capitol Reef National Park. We stayed at the wonderful Pine Shadows Cabins. Responsibilities were divided among various family members – breakfasts and dinners were prepared by one family and shared with all the others. Patrick volunteered to bring Cheeseburgers for all on our summit hike.

So on Sunday morning as we prepared to visit the park for a hike to Hickman Arch and a summit attempt.  Patrick decided it was finally time to find some burgers. We all followed Patrick to Torrey, stopping at every possible store looking for Cheeseburgers. Who would have thought that you couldn’t find Cheeseburgers in southern Utah on a Sunday morning! Good thinking, Patrick.

We continued into the park and went on our hike (nice) and then drove to Fruita to set up a picnic lunch. By now it was past noon so we made a dash back out of the park to visit Brink’s Drive-in – which was now open, yeah. Cheeseburgers, each with a rasher of bacon, were ordered up. Burgers in hand we ventured back to the park, found Panorama Point, and enjoyed a still warm Cheeseburger (and cold milkshake) while taking in the tremendous view.

Warm Cheeseburger, beautiful view, wow.

Patrick, John, Paul (October 22, 2006) – Panorama Point, Capitol Reef National Park

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Low (6348 ft.) Hanging Fruit

Saturday, close to lunchtime, thoughts of a Cheeseburger…..and then I remember the new house rule: the only Cheeseburger is a Summitcheeseburger. 15 minutes later, two bisonburgers capped with aged Vella Sonoma Jack cheese nestled between homebaked buns are sliding into the daypack, Kirk and Judy pile into the ancient Subaru and hit the trailhead. True, Van Cott was not a “new” summit, but the approach was the dreaded Southwest route. Within minutes of the peak group leader Judy, showing the zeal of a committed Cheseburgersummitress, pioneered the now famous west ridge finish–bushwhack/deer trail–delivering us to the summit unscathed. A bit breezy, but the view was a great complement to the meal.

view from van cott st IMG_2513 IMG_2506

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Parley’s Summit – It’s a Summit!

The day started out with two important lessons that I thought should be shared.

1. If you leave your car door open overnight, the overhead light will drain your car battery.

2. If you can’t successfully balance a coffee drink on the roof of your car (at 30 mph), Starbucks will replace it at no charge.

With our lightning fast start we drove up to Summit Park – to find the Great Western Trail and to follow it to the peak of Bald Mountain. But this didn’t happen. We began well, with a straight-up-the-hill bushwack through scrub oak. When we finally found the trail, we took a wrong turn and found ourselves hiking to Jeremy Ranch (oops, wrong direction!). After correcting this, we wandered around until we arrived at Parley’s Summit. We tried to find a trail to Bald Mountain but the foot of snow and lack of a trail map prevented progress on this front. We were content to bathe in the glow of a forest of cell phone towers and eat an ice-cold Carl’s Jr. Famous Star Cheeseburger.

A fine bushwack back down to the car completed a beautiful little morning hike.

Paul/Patrick – Parley’s Summit, December 3, 2006

Breakfast .... on ice Does the picture need a title? View to the SW Smoke house?

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