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Two-out-of-three Ain’t Bad

Failure is hard to admit, especially when the goal was so noble. The chance to bag the world famous “Perkins Peak” named for none other than Marlin Perkins (of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom fame), who claims the first ascent of this alpine aerie on the famous Wasatch Whortleberry Expedition (history still debates whether Marlin or Jim first stood on the lofty summit). So close, yet so far away.
Nevertheless, we shall be remembered for the many accomplishments of the fine morning of November 19. John, Paul, Kirk, accompanied by Sadie-the-Wonderdog trudged through snow,brush, and crumbling rock, westward along the ridge from Little Mountain Summit to the mighty “Dale” peak (7376′) to enjoy 3 buffalo/garlic/Grana Padano Summitcheeseburgers and a fine few of the Wasatch, the valleys/ranges to the west, and the famous Perkins Peak towering above. In a rare show of sanity, we agreed that the assault on Perkins must await another day and opted for a diversionary attack on the underappreciated “Little Mountain” (7032′). Success and three more burgers awaited us a mud-filled hour later.
Total for the day–6 Summitcheeseburgers; 2 new summits; fine time had by all


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Point Lookout & Saddle Knoll-2peaks (4burgers)/hr

What would be a better dessert for a breakfast at Hell’s Backbone Grill than a buffalo/asiago/summitcheeseburger–two to be precise–for Kirk and Judy atop Pt. Lookout (9495)in Garfield County, UT on October 24th? How about two more summitcheeseburgers an hour later on Saddle Knoll (7064) between Torrey and Bicknell!
There’s a bit of a mystery about the position of Pt. Lookout, designated on many maps and the Utah summit list, but dwarfed by a towering 9500 ft.peak, designated “Steep” on both a 1956 USGS map and the survey marker at the summit (burgers consumed on the latter). Regardless, they both offer stunning views of the Canyons of the Escalante, Navajo Mt, and the WaterPocket Fold.
Neither impending rain nor the Rifle Range for the Wayne County Search and Rescue beneath Saddle Knoll could stop this expedition–two new summits, 4 more summitcheeseburgers, and a new member of the team….welcome, Judy.

steep NavajofromSteep judysteep

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To encourage, enable, and document the consumption of a Cheeseburger on every summit on earth.
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