Anyone got a GPS? .. We’re looking for Big Cottonwood Canyon ..

September 4, 2006 at 9:31 am Leave a comment

I struggled with the appropriate title for the post; equally appropriate might have been .. “Note to self .. pencil chairlifts into hiking map” .. or something like that. In the end, I decided to go with the morning’s first and most remarkable occurrence – the fact that we got “lost” before setting foot on the trail.

Admittedly, it was also remarkable that we were even hiking on Monday. It was only a week ago that we had ventured into Titcomb Basin in the Wind Rivers, experienced the seasons first snow and ate the first 33 mile Cheeseburger. Now don’t get me wrong, neither of us were operating at 100% (like that is ever going to happen again!), but we got out there, found a trail, climbed a peak and claimed another Cheeseburger.

The goal Monday morning was to hike up Bear Trap Fork to Desolation Peak. Now some may have well known, or have recognized sooner than us that Bear Trap Fork takes off to the north out of Big Cottonwood Canyon (11.0 miles up). Neither of us were quite so sharp Monday morning; so after a quick drive nearly to the top of Little Cottonwood, we turned around, re-fueled the vehicle and finished the drive to the trail head.

The Bear Trap Fork trailhead is not well marked. Depending upon your odometer, how many corners you cut going up the canyon and which trail-head you are talking about, you can find you way on the right trail by looking for an unmarked dirt road 10.8-11.1 miles up the canyon on your right (to the North). Once you have found a (the?) dirt road, do what you do in the Wasatch, GO UP. I don’t think you can go wrong after that.

It was a nice really nice trail. It was, of course, steep in spots, but it also had short stretches of a mild grade with great vegetation and shade. Upon reaching the saddle the trail eventually joined the Great Western Trail. It was a short bushwhack to Desolation Peak from there (Northeast from the saddle). On the peak, we enjoyed a “doctored” McDonald’s Cheeseburger. In order to make the standard fare more palatable, there was a slice of fresh tomato from the garden, a little lettuce and an extra dollop of katsup. The missing ingredient … mayo, mayo, mayo … I have got to add packets of mayo to the Cheeseburger Summiteers Survival Kit.

Our brunch was quite pleasant and the views were terrific. We did not, of course, recognize until it was too late that the new lift out of The Canyons ski resort came within 100 feet of Desolation Peak. We will have to save the First “Chair-lifted Cheeseburger” for another peak.

Monday’s hike marked the end of the first Summer of the Summit Cheeseburger. The entire team can take pride in having packed, carried, eaten, and digested Cheeseburgers of all types across more than 32 peaks from Memorial Day through Labor Day 2006. Only 66,000+ peaks left to go in the United States alone! God’s Speed!

-Paul and Patrick


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Summit Cheeseburger Firsts Photographer’s Point – Director’s Cut

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