A New Face and Two More Peaks!

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This post was to be grand .. “Two More Peaks ..” nearly a complete defeat of Paul the previous leader. Then, yesterday morning, before having the time to write this, I received an e-mail from Italy …. “please post”. See ABOVE! Three HILLS from Paul. I had planned to be within 1 Cheeseburger. My plans were foiled, and Paul was back in the lead. John’s reign had been short lived. The good news, of course, Summit Cheeseburger had gone international! Enough about Paul’s hikes (or cab rides, or pub crawls or whatever).

Sunday’s hike to the TOP of the Snowbird was fantastic. What a hike. What a workout! Alan joined me for the first time. He has had far greater experience hiking in and around the Wasatch, so I was happy that I had picked a hike that he had not done. It was a typical early morning start — 6 am Sunday. We were on the trail headed up to Hidden peak by 7 am. We took the Peruvian Gulch trail to the base of the North ridge beneath the Tram. We climbed the side of the ridge to the crest and then followed the ridge-line all the to the top of Hidden Peak. We were enjoying a bagel on top of Hidden peak by about 8:30 am. Then the fun began and the clock slowed.

We set out along the East ridge to the shoulder of the twins. The ridge-line was an easy hike … for a spell. Not long into the ridge-line, Alan and I split. His comfort level climbing among the rocks was greater than mine (read: I was a nancy-boy). The occasional 20 ft vertical drop drove me to the skirt the ridge line. I descended the south side of the ridge into Mineral Basin and looped up at the shoulder to meet up with Alan. The south sloop was a bear. It was steep, lose, with a fair smattering of thistle. The scramble back up to the ridge involved “climbing” the ground foliage like a rope ladder. Thank goodness many of the roots grew deep! Alan waited for me as I “reascended” the ridge. From the shoulder to the top it was very steep and a tough “push”, but safe. After enjoying brunch’s first course on the Summit of the East peak we jumped over the West twin to complete the double. We enjoyed some of the best views I have seen in the Wasatch.

During the decent along the ridge, we bumped into the Snowbird employee that John and I meet the previous week. The one who had let us aboard the Hijacked Tram. He did not have Midas this time, but instead led some Exec/CEO type on a private hiker to the top of the twins.

We welcome Alan and congraguate late him on his double! He will be a huge asset. Cheeseburgers can go places with this guy!

Alan and Patrick

Mineral Basin -- off the East ridge American Forks Twin Peaks ... a nice place for a cheeseburger brunch Hidden Peak East Twin from West Twin


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