July 18, 2006, Mt. Aire… how heavy have I gotten?

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It was the best of times … !&*+#&% A, it was the worst of times!

It was a beautiful morning for hike, but clearly the biorhythms were in phase and in a rut. The trail started out of Elbow Fork in Millcreek Canyon. Like most of the trails in Wasatch it went up.. mostly straight-up. But for whatever reason, the hike up to the ridge was more torturous and brutal than usual.

The morning was very pleasant. We started out of Starbucks on time; it was open, we had our coffee; we arrived at the trail-head by 6:30 am and the first few steps (maybe 2) didn’t feel too bad. Within a half a mile it seemed that we were both having to work WAY to hard to keep going. We have all had those hikes; it was not pretty. Think 200 lb sack of potatoes with legs … then you are half way there .. at least for me.

After surving the ascent and enjoying our breakfast. We had a few minutes to inspect the morning views. The haze created by fires in Nevada, presumably, was still very present; it coated the the horizon in all directions. It was most noticeable to East as it sort of lapped up against the Unitas in the distance. Neither of us had a camera so we have no pictures, but the scene actually resembled something oceanic. Mountain swells could been seen rising and falling off into the distant East through the “mist”. The Sun was rising above the water, which is where I am accustom to seeing it rise. It a quite nice. Worth the suffer-age!

The hike down as actually very easy and very quick — the virtual antithesis of the journey up. It had warmed some, so it was no longer cool for the decent, but it was a world easier. In the end, it was nice way to start a Tuesday.

The cheeseburger, provided by Paul, was a a slightly modified version of the the burger we had on the 14th (also provided by Paul); the only major modification was a whole wheat bun. It is becoming clear that several cheeseburger characteristics are important to a pleasant cheeseburger eating experience (imo) .. if that is what you are after. A fresh bun, a patty that is at least at room temperature, and some form of moisture associated with the patty (i.e. condiments). This is not a long list of requirements, but seem to be a minimal list.

Happy hiking and happy eating! – Paul and Patrick


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