Millvue Peak, .. to love, honor and eat cheeseburgers together!

July 14, 2006 at 3:23 pm Leave a comment

“How many?”


“Booth? …. or a table with a view?”

“View, .. please. Oh …. no need for a menus we brought our own cheeseburgers and cocktails.”…..

…..our host, Paul, at least he looked like Paul, led the way!

It could not have been a nicer meal out. Of course the climb to our table was not without a little sweat and dirt, some huffing and puffing and a couple superficial flesh wounds; but what a great time and a great view!

The peak was Millvue. We took off from Elbow Fork in Millcreek and followed a well maintained trail, up, about 1700 feet to the saddle between Millcreek and Lambs Canyon. Trail was clear and steep (typical Wasatch); the early afternoon sun was tough. After reaching the saddle, things got a lot more interesting and little controversial. There were a few moments of uncertainty as we bushwhacked (how does this keep happening?) our way upward. There were signs of trail toward to the (a) peak, but it was not wholly convincing. Had we had a GPS …. oh never mind. The last 1000 feet upward, however, were the most beautiful. We passed through fields of wild flowers and wild mint. The stalks of mint were useful for swatting away flies and provided the journey with a fragrant air. Views to the south included Alexander’s Basin, Gobbler’s Knob and substantial portions of Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. The last 1000 feet were, by no means, easy. It was pretty tough going at times and flies were relentless, but breeze at the summit kept the flies at bay and allowed us to enjoy the moment.

The cheeserburgers, courtesy of Paul and Marion, were uncharacteristically fresh, or at least they tasted uncharacteristically fresh. Paul will have to post the recipe; perhaps cooking the mustard and catsup into the patty was the key. The rolls were catered, ah … well, then “donated” by a local company who were sponsoring a summer BBQ event. Thanks

Drinks were provided by Patrick and Renee. We celebrated a toast with the first, official Summit Cheeseburger, “Summitini” (see recipe). It was an ice-cold (at least for a second!) Vodka martini, citrus-based. A special concoction brewed specifically for the hike. We washed down the burgers with the second round, and left the peak behind to return to our kids.

It was a great day out and great day to share with our spouses. Sure, we have had children together, big deal, really … lots of people of done THAT …. Now, MORE importantly, we can say were shared in something bigger than ourselves …. Summit Cheeseburger!

We welcomed two new members to the Summit Cheeseburger team, Lisa and Renee. Great hike gals! Marion, Lisa, Renee, Paul, John and Patrick

PICT2113 PICT2123 PICT2121 PICT2115

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Deseret Peak (11,031 ft.) Summitini

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