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The Fearsome Foursome – Wolverine, Tuscarora, Sunset, and Pioneer

Well, this was a great one. Paul, John, Patrick, Georges, and Nils started at a leisurely 9:40 am on Sunday, July 30, 2006. We parked at the Silver Lake visitors center, and within minutes were propositioned by two blondes on the boardwalk with “Hi guys, would you like a Red Bull?” After further burdening our packs with the 8.3 ounce beverage, we continued past the far side of Silver Lake, then up the trail to Twin Lakes for spectacular views of the full reservoir and Wolverine Cirque. We continued upwards on the SolBright trail, passing near the top of Solitude’s Summit chair, then on to the ridge between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. From this point, it was up, then along the crumbled rock ridge of Wolverine Cirque to Mount Wolverine. Along the Wolverine Cirque ridge, one could see the drops where Jamie Pierre and other skiing crazies hurl themselves. Cheeseburgers were consumed on the top of Wolverine Peak by John and Patrick; Georges feigned superiority while gumming a brie sandwich. We forgive Georges; he made some tough choices to stay in the boys choir for an extra three years.

We continued on the ridge to Mount Tuscarora where additional Cheeseburgers were consumed and an additional peak was claimed by John, Patrick and Paul; the rest of us enjoyed beautiful views of lakes Mary and Catherine. A discussion ensued whether a minimum time period must elapse before an individual is eligible to gain credit for an additional Cheeseburger peak; negotiations are planned for this Tuesday. At this point, it was down to Catherine Pass, then an aerobic blast up the very sandy south trail to Sunset Peak where a Cheeseburger was consumed by Nils. We dropped down the north side of Sunset Peak, continuing our counter clockwise circumnavigation of Lake Mary, then back up to Pioneer Peak where the final Cheeseburgers were consumed by John and Patrick. Once the disgusting gluttony concluded, we continued to the Brighton ski resort, down to the parking lot, and were back to the car at about 2:10 PM. A thoroughly good time was had by all.

Wolverine (10,735 ft.) / John, Patrick

Tuscarora (10,486 ft.) / John, Patrick, Paul

Sunset (10,522 ft.) / Nils

Pioneer (10,354 ft.) / John, Patrick



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Murdoch, we’re coming to get you!

Our second ascent of a peak named Murdoch took place in Millcreek Canyon, Utah. The Uinta Mountains of Utah were the setting for the first Cheeseburger summit of Murdoch Mountain (see post). How come when I hear ‘Murdoch’ I can’t help but think of Rambo:First Blood (Murdoch, I’m coming to get you). Maybe I watch too many bad movies on TNT or Spike. But who can forget some of Colonel Trautman’s (played by Richard Crenna) great lines in the movie, such as Bring more body bags or God didn’t make Rambo, I made him. Sorry, but I couldn’t find the .wav file for “He could eat things that would make a billygoat puke.” We’ll come back to that.

A 5:30 am start brought out John, Patrick and Paul’s cheery faces for a drive up to the top of Millcreek canyon. It was refreshingly cool – quite a relief from the 100O+ temperatures of the past week or so. The route starts up the canyon eventually joining up with the Great Western Trail. Continue up to the overlook bordering the Canyons Ski Resort. From here turn left to go up the sage-covered slopes. Head toward a small building housing weather gear which marks the summit of Murdoch Peak (9,602 ft). At the summit, Patrick provided a commercially-available Cheeseburger but customized it with a dose of after market bacon (Mmm, bacon). A small sip of Guiness made it all go down easier. After the required 7:30 am Cheeseburger (reminds me of “He could eat things that make a billygoat puke”), we headed down by continuing further along the Millcreek/Parley’s ridge, eventually heading down through a large grove of aspen trees. By the time we hit the trail back to the truck several early morning mountain bikers had appeared on the Great Western Trail.

A great hike in the early morning. It has beautiful views, large, lush meadows, deep conifer forest, and serene aspen groves – a little bit of everything. And because it starts at the top of Millcreek canyon, it’s always cool, even in the middle of summer. Two thumbs up.

Bacon Cheeseburgers / John, Patrick, Paul / July 26, 2006

Click on any of the photos below to get to a short slide show with scenes from the hike. Thanks to WavCentral for the Rambo snippets.

Aspen Grove The Summit Climb Minty Fresh Meadow Park City, Uintas

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The First California Peak, Mount Tamalpais – July 22nd

Located just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County, Mount Tamalpais at 2,571 feet above sea level provides a panoramic view of the bay area. Our ascent party began the assault in the parking lot just below the east peak. The temperatures were in the high nineties and the enthusiasm of the ascent party (Adam, Conner, Nicole and John) was sorely flagging. However, the thought of delicious ‘IN-N-OUT Burger’ Cheeseburgers kept us moving. After several hundred feet of a nicely constructed trail, things changed to a brutal path of broken rock and dirt. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal except that half our ascent party was wearing flip flops. Once again the thought of delicious ‘IN-N-OUT Burger’ Cheeseburgers pulled us forward and upwards. Finally, after almost a third of a mile we reached the summit and the ranger’s station. We each enjoyed a fine repast of ‘IN-N-OUT Burger’ Cheeseburgers and sodas with Conner taking the prize for rapid consumption of a double Cheeseburger. Nicole adroitly exploited a loophoole in the official Summit Cheeseburger rules by eating almost her entire cheeseburger but then feeding the final scrap of bun to Tessa ‘The Summit Dog’, thus meeting the requirement that the entire Cheeseburger be consumed on the summit. This loophole will be fixed. Congratulations to new Summiteer’s Adam, Conner and Nicole! Photos to follow. John

DSC00549 Tessa and Adam DSC00550 DSC00547

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Pioneering a Way up Mount Millicent and Wolverine

Utah is a beautiful state and a wonderful place to live. For example, in Utah, July 24th is Pioneer Day – it commemorates the arrival of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. The upshot is that many people have the day off from work. Where else in the country do you get a bonus holiday smack in the middle of summer?

Today’s hike required two Cheeseburgers because both Mount Millicent (10,452 ft.) and Mount Wolverine (10,795 ft.) were on the menu. This route starts at Silver Lake; take in the browsing moose in the swampy waters just off the boardwalk. Proceed uphill towards Twin Lakes and at the Evergreen ski lift (Brighton Ski Resort) follow the jeep trail to the top of the Millicent ski lift. At this point, the route changes from jeep trail to talus. Chirping marmots beckon – follow them past some strange-looking plumbing (what is this?) to the raspberry-covered summit of Millicent. Stop to enjoy the scenery and a Cheeseburger. From the summit head down to the saddle between Millicent and Wolverine. The hike up Wolverine is straightforward – just wander towards the small knob – the one on the right – at the top of a field of alpine flowers. Again, enjoy the view and a Cheeseburger. Continue along the ridge running between Wolverine Cirque and Little Cottonwood Canyon. The views are phenomenal and include Alta Ski resort, Mount Raymond, Gobbler’s Knob, Monte Cristo, etc. Finally, complete the minty-fresh descent from Twin Lakes Pass all the way back down to Silver Lake.

Hiking by myself, I appeared to be the only bait for the deerflies; but continuing higher they gave up and I had a little peace. The climb up Millicent was entirely on talus and took some getting used to – I think I need to get off trail more often. The ridge around Wolverine Cirque is great and I’d like to connect this to Mount Tuscarora with a descent to Lake Catherine some time. But two Cheeseburgers in the morning – ouch. A&W cheeseburgers. Paul.

Q. What comes after “Let’s all go to A&W, food’s more fun at A&W?”

A. Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.

Well, maybe it would go better with root beer (I doubt it).

Twin Lakes Mount Millicent The Fierce Wolverine Start of Talus

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Sam, we need your help in Pennsylvania!


How are things going? I hope this letter finds you and Brenda doing well. Has married life put a few pounds on your frame? It sure did for me.

We (John, Lisa, Marion, I and others) have begun the not-so-onerous task of eating a tasty Cheeseburger on the summit of every hill, mountain, knob, etc. in the world. For obvious reasons, we started in Utah and have completed a dozen or so (see Table) of the nearly 2,200 summits in our home state. We’ll need more condiments to make a decent dent in the summits of Utah and we just plain need help in other states. I’m not going to ask you for condiments but instead to make a tremendous sacrifice and eat a Cheeseburger or two on summits in Pennsylvania. In addition we ask that you share your experiences with everyone else through pictures and a short post to the site. We’ll award you a Cheeseburger on our Standings listing.

The summitcheese web site is intended to promote, enable, and document the consumption of Cheeseburgers on summits of mountains, hills, knobs, etc. For your convenience, our web site provides a listing of all summits (as determined by the USGS) within Pennsylvania on a county-by-county basis. Your home county of Allegheny has only one named summit but nearby counties, such as Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland counties contain 30, 10, and 26 named summits, respectively. Each summit is linked to both Google and Topozone maps (see maps for Mount Davis; GOOGLE / TOPOZONE). Maybe this all helps.

I hope you can help us out in the all important mission. Ideally, I would like to do some of these summits with you – when can you pay us another visit in Utah? We’ll save some peaks for you and Brenda.


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July 18, 2006, Mt. Aire… how heavy have I gotten?

It was the best of times … !&*+#&% A, it was the worst of times!

It was a beautiful morning for hike, but clearly the biorhythms were in phase and in a rut. The trail started out of Elbow Fork in Millcreek Canyon. Like most of the trails in Wasatch it went up.. mostly straight-up. But for whatever reason, the hike up to the ridge was more torturous and brutal than usual.

The morning was very pleasant. We started out of Starbucks on time; it was open, we had our coffee; we arrived at the trail-head by 6:30 am and the first few steps (maybe 2) didn’t feel too bad. Within a half a mile it seemed that we were both having to work WAY to hard to keep going. We have all had those hikes; it was not pretty. Think 200 lb sack of potatoes with legs … then you are half way there .. at least for me.

After surving the ascent and enjoying our breakfast. We had a few minutes to inspect the morning views. The haze created by fires in Nevada, presumably, was still very present; it coated the the horizon in all directions. It was most noticeable to East as it sort of lapped up against the Unitas in the distance. Neither of us had a camera so we have no pictures, but the scene actually resembled something oceanic. Mountain swells could been seen rising and falling off into the distant East through the “mist”. The Sun was rising above the water, which is where I am accustom to seeing it rise. It a quite nice. Worth the suffer-age!

The hike down as actually very easy and very quick — the virtual antithesis of the journey up. It had warmed some, so it was no longer cool for the decent, but it was a world easier. In the end, it was nice way to start a Tuesday.

The cheeseburger, provided by Paul, was a a slightly modified version of the the burger we had on the 14th (also provided by Paul); the only major modification was a whole wheat bun. It is becoming clear that several cheeseburger characteristics are important to a pleasant cheeseburger eating experience (imo) .. if that is what you are after. A fresh bun, a patty that is at least at room temperature, and some form of moisture associated with the patty (i.e. condiments). This is not a long list of requirements, but seem to be a minimal list.

Happy hiking and happy eating! – Paul and Patrick

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12 drinks (best served as part of a dozen .. or so).

Juice of 2 lemons, squeezed; juice of limes, up to 12 oz, squeezed; 12 oz Absolute Citron; 6 oz Absolute Mandarin; 8 oz club soda, 10 tbsp powered sugar, chill to ice cold.

Dilute 1:1 in glass with ice cold club soda. Enjoy!


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