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Wind River Day Hike Proposals

Over the past several years a highlight of the hiking season has been a ~30 mile day hike somewhere in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. Past hikes have included:

  • Green River Lakes to Spring Creek trailheads via Summit and Glimpse Lakes,
  • Out and back from Big Sandy Opening trailhead to view the north face of Mount Hooker,
  • Loop beginning and ending at Elkhart Park via Glimpse, Trail, Summit, Jean, and Seneca Lakes – the grandaddy of Wind Rivers day hikes.
  • A loop from Big Sandy Opening with four climbs over the Continental Divide; at Washakie, Illinois, Texas and Jackass Passes.

None of these hikes has involved attaining a summit or eating Cheeseburgers. This cannot continue. Here are two ideas to consider for a hike at the end of August – either would provide an excellent opportunity for Cheeseburger eating.

  1. An ascent of Glover Peak (12,067 ft.; see photo) beginning and ending at the Green River Lakes trailhead. Begin by hiking past Green River Lake and at the Porcupine Trail turn left and proceed over Porcupine Pass. After the pass, turn left onto the New Fork Trail and enter the Lozier Lakes basin. Continue east and before the descent to Clark Lake turn right and proceed southeast to find the top of Glover Peak. Once on the summit, the descent to Green River Pass is straightforward. Follow the Highline trail back to Green River Lake.
  2. An ascent of Downs Peak (13,349 ft.) as part of a point-to-point hike from the Trail Lake Ranch trailhead near Dubois to the Green River Lakes trailhead. Begin on the Glacier trail and turn off at Bomber Basin. About halfway around the south side of Bomber Lake proceed up a steep, but cairned, trail to get up onto Goat Flat. Hike across to the glacier coming down off Downs Mountain. Traverse over No Mans Pass and up and over Downs, past Northwest Peak and down to Daphne Lake. Follow the the drainage west to Faler Lake (scrambling on big boulders) and proceed to the west side of the lake. Bushwack down to Clear Lake and follow the trail down Clear Creek to Green River Lake. The entire route is ~27 miles and much of it is off of maintained trail.

How about August 26th for a hike in the Winds?


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Mount Van Cott (6,348 ft.) – Into Thin Air … with a Cheeseburger

The Friday before a holiday weekend is always a special day. Is there a better way to start such a day than with a Cheeseburger summit assault? Of course not! The trail was poorly marked and obscured by undergrowth; the summit loomed above the Heath Sciences parking lot; the glare of the hot summer sun blazed over the ridge; but the team was not discouraged and confronted the mighty Mount Van Cott.

It was a fine hike; and as it turned out … a legitimate hike. The trip included double track, single track and bushwhacking (of course). We enjoyed the sight of several “Sego Lillies”. The early morning sun across the Wasatch range was as beautiful as ever. We enjoyed, courtesy of John, Buffalo burgers with Swiss cheese and mustard. The roll is as difficult to describe as it was to chew, but the entire experience was most enjoyable.

We welcomed a new Cheeseburger summiteer, Ralph. Welcome Ralph. – Paul, John, Ralph and Patrick.

Van Cott 3 Van Cott 4 Van Cott 2 Van Cott 1

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Cheeseburger Haikus

A quick Google search turned up several haikus celebrating Cheeseburgers. I’d like to share some with you.

From Beer Haiku Daily:

It’s just not complete
Cheeseburger in Paradise
You must have beer, too.

From Haiku Log:

Medium-rare patties
Tall cool beers sweating in the sun
Cheeseburger heaven!

From Batgirl:

Captain Cheeseburger.
You are fat and butt ugly.
Put your hat on straight.

And finally, from USA Today:

Greasy cheeseburger
Dripping juices on fingers
Forget about fat.

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Friday, June 30 – Mount Van Cott

Meet at Starbucks at 15th and 15th. From there the summit party will head up to the U of U. We will be employing fixed ropes, pitons and siege tactics for an assault on the Mountain of Death (Mount Van Cott at 6,348 ft). A leisurely pace is planned and buffalo Cheeseburgers will be served. If you are interested, please RSVP with John for Cheeseburgers by Thursday at 3 PM. Ideas for an early morning mixed drink will be seriously considered.

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Gobbler’s Knob – Wasatch Mountains

For Paul ‘s birthday we completed an ascent of Gobbler’s Knob (10,246 ft.), which lies between Millcreek and Big Cottonwood Canyons. The approach was ridiculous, somewhere between 8-9 miles. We started in Neff’s Canyon, hiking past the meadow and turning up to the overlook into Big Cottonwood Canyon. From here we hiked cross country to the top of Porter’s Fork and traversed around Mount Raymond. We had non-stop views of the snow-covered ridge between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. A trip through Mill A Basin brought us to Baker Pass and the ascent of Gobbler’s Knob. Nils brought Cheeseburgers for all – which were assembled on the summit. All enjoyed a bleu Cheesburger with pickles. The descent from the summit involved bushwacking to the Bowman Fork trail with the hike ending at the Terraces Picnic area. Highlights of the trip included great Cheeseburgers, views of Big Cottonwood Canyon from top to bottom, and fields of Paintbrush, Bluebells, and Wallflowers. We were especially glad to have Ed along for his first Cheeseburger summit. Ed, John, Nils, Paul.

Gobbler's Knob 7 Gobblers1 Gobblers2

Gobblers4 Gobblers5 Gobblers6

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Wire Mountain (Big Beacon) – Northern Wasatch

Got a late start at just after 5 PM yesterday due to needing to pick up a Cheeseburger and some dogs for companionship. The hike begins on Colorow Drive in Research Park. You cross the pipeline trail and continue up the well marked trail. It was a beautiful end of the day hike with hundreds of dragonflies and mountain flowers. At the summit it was a clear day with views of Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. Enjoyed a Wendy’s Double Cheeseburger. John.

Wire Mountain 1

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The Eight Essentials of a Successful Cheeseburger Summit

  1. One half of a hamburger bun or roll
  2. The other half of a hamburger bun or roll
  3. A patty of animal origin (non-avian)
  4. A slice of cheese (of dairy origin)
  5. A named summit
  6. Yourself
  7. A witness or photographic evidence of your achievement
  8. A successful posting to the Summit Cheeseburger Contest web site

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